[SPONSORED] Wootbox October 2017: Nightmare! Perfect for Halloween!

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Wootbox October 2017 is just perfect. With the topic of Nightmare, this box gave me the chills for Halloween. I got the box for review for free. So far, Wootbox has amazed me with high-quality official items, and well-thought topics. Although I felt that September’s box was hard to surpass, I must admit that Nightmare has achieved perfection.

Although I’m not a fan of one of the items, the rest, including the box, are perfect. I feel that this is the best box I’ve got so far. Wootbox has been able to deliver excellent geek surprises to my door, choosing fandoms that I genuinely love.

So let’s unbox this Nightmare!

The geeky haul couldn’t be more fitting for Halloween: creeps, chills, ghosts, and mayhem! The box had a Pop again, this time from Stranger Things. Eleven Underwater is one of the best figurines that Funko has released so far. I think this is the best figurine I own at the moment. She is incredibly perfect!

wootbox, halloween, october 2017, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

The box also had an official Joker apron. I love it! This is perfect to use throughout October. Plus, I do believe it gives another flavor to my dishes. I just hope that it’s not so poisonous. Ha!

Then, I found the Simpson’s tee, and I lost it! Having Hommer as a ghost spooked and hovered in front of the Moon is just priceless. Plus, it has some “radioactive” flavor thanks to the colors of the tee. Lovely and spooky!

wootbox, halloween, october 2017, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

Then there’s this Mad Clown’s slab. I’m not a fan of IT, but the plate is high quality, and this is just perfect as a “stay-away-sign” for any door during Halloween. It’s spooky enough as to make people don’t want to enter your room. So, it’s perfect!

And finally, a sadistic pin. Again, I’m not a fan of horror movies, but the pin is so rad, that I’m trying to figure out where to put it! (I have a bag plenty of pins, and it looks gorgeous, but I should find another one to start putting my pin collection because I have too many already!)

wootbox, halloween, october 2017, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

Like previous boxes, you can reuse the box. The design is just perfect: Stranger Things! I’m so happy with the box since it comes in handy. I plan to put tons of sweets and candy inside for Halloween and then use it for keeping my show-related treasures in.

So, should you subscribe to this box? YES! All the boxes I’ve got so far are amazing. Plus, all products are high-quality. I’m very pleased with them. The next Wootbox theme is Fight, and it targets the Walking Dead, Deadpool, Streets of Rage, and Attack on Titan. You can subscribe here.

Note: This is a sponsored post. I only work with brands that I love.

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