Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

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Throne of Glass [The Book Depository] is a great adventure. Sarah J. Maas delivers a masterpiece of fantasy and suspense. While meeting one of the best female heroes of all times, we get to enter into a world were magic has been baned. There’s an evil King who wants it all, and an Assassin who wants to survive another day. Celeana, Adarlan’s assassin, happens to have a conscience.

Celaena Sardothien is working as a slave in the mines. The life expentancy is grim. The King’s son, Prince Dorian, drags her from the mines to become his champion in a contest that his father has created to find his perfect assassin. Dorian saves her from the mines, but it’s Chaol, the Captain of the Guard who will train her.

She needs to compete against other assassins, mercenaries and thieves. Under an alias, she disgueses herself as a member of the court and a thief. However, she soon realizes that what would be easy is in fact, pretty difficult.

But there’s more! [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

sarah j. maas, throne of glass, depepi,, review, reviews, books

Champions are being killed one by one in a gruesome way. There’s an evil lurking around the castle, and it seems that is haunting Celaena. Dreaming, she finds the tomb of an ancient Fae Queen who asks her to protect the land from evil, and to become the King’s Champion. It is not an easy task at all!

In the meanwhile, Celaena finds herself attracted to Dorian, and liking Chaol more and more. Both men are finding her more human and less an assassin, to the point that Dorian falls in love with her. But, will it last?

This volume started quite low for me, to be honest. However, soon I couldn’t quit reading because I wanted to know more about Celaena and the world she inhabits. There are hints on her extraordinary abilities, but also at her being something more than just an assassin.

sarah j. maas, throne of glass, depepi,, review, reviews, books

There’s much more that meets the eye in this series. The King is obviously a villain to reckon, but I bet Dorian and Chaol have something else to offer. But, here, the star of it all is Celaena. Will she be able to kill those who the King want dead? She does have a conscience, and a great soul.

Have you read this book? If so, which is your favorite character? Nehemia, Celaena’s friend, seems to be a badass Princess. So far, the women in the book, look quite strong. What are your thoughts?

sarah j. maas, throne of glass, depepi,, review, reviews, books

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