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Despite being super busy, I finished A Court of Mist and Fury [The Book Depository]. I won’t lie to you: there’s a lot of violence and fairy sex in ACOMAF. However, you can also find a great story of recovery from trauma. Some descriptions are brutal, others are too harsh, but if you keep it up, you’ll see that whatever harsh live treated you, there’s hope if you dare to dream.

This book is about recovering a broken heart, about recovering from trauma, and about discovering true love. Sometimes, you think someone is a hero, and then you discover he’s not. Other times, the villain happens to be the real hero of the story. Prepare yourself for surprises and role reversals in this book.

[You’ll find SPOILERS from this point onwards. If you haven’t read the book, stop reading at this point. If you don’t mind spoilers, go ahead and be my guest.]

acotar, acowar, acomaf, a court of thorns and roses, sarah j. maas, depepi,
Artwork by Charlie Bowater.

Feyre is living in the Summer court and is going to marry Tamlin. But things have changed since she turned a High Fae: she’s expected to be at Tamlin’s side and be more like a trophy. Wifes aren’t powerful in the Fae realm. Or, are they? Feyre navigates his trauma by being numb day after day. While a Priestess called Ianthe tells her what to do, how, and even what to dress.

However, as the wedding day approaches, she feels worse and worse, to the point that she doesn’t want to marry Tamlin anymore. She pleads to Lucien to help her. But everything goes unnoticed. She is getting thinner and thinner. And so, when the wedding day arrives, she panics and in her mind asks for help from anyone available.

To her surprise, it’s Rhysand who comes to her rescue. He argues that his binding contract with Feyre is due, so he takes her to his court for a week per month, starting right away. And so, he saves a surprised Feyre.

acotar, acowar, acomaf, a court of thorns and roses, sarah j. maas, depepi,
Artwork by Charlie Bowater.

Their relationship couldn’t be more rocky and spicy. Rhysand is arrogant and proud, but he has many points: he wouldn’t treat Feyre as Tamlin does. And so, little by little, he shows to her how valuable she is.

When she goes back to the Summer Court, she finds Tamlin infuriated. Because things are super dangerous now, he finally decides to close Feyre inside the house. She cannot go out! She panics, and she is rescued by Rhys’s cousin: Mor. So, Rhysand offers her a job: to help him fight Hybern who will attack soon. He introduces her to Amren, Cassian, and Azriel. These are his closest circle, the ones in charge to save everything. And Feyre accepts.

The more she discovers about Rhysand and his people, the more she realizes she’s been wrong all along. He doesn’t want to close her like a trophy, but to let her do whatever she wishes. He also shows her the most sacred secret he kept from everyone during years: the city of Velaris.

acotar, acowar, acomaf, a court of thorns and roses, sarah j. maas, depepi,
Artwork by Charlie Bowater.

Rhysand became Amarantha’s whore to protect the city and all his friends. The Night Court has two courts: nightmares and dreams. And dreams have been kept secret for years. Suddenly, Feyre discovers that the villain, isn’t that dangerous. And that the hero, isn’t such an angel.

She trains, and she helps them. And in getting to be friends with the members of Rhysand’s inner circle, she falls in love with Rhysand. But, it’s a hard journey that leads to very hot chapters of Fae sex and intense emotions. Rhysand makes Feyre his equal: she is the High Lady of the Night Court.

I won’t spoil the end of this book because it’s as surprising as traumatic. But, I can tell you that I started already A Court of Wings and Ruin, and I cannot stop reading! I want to know what happens next to these heroes.

acotar, acowar, acomaf, a court of thorns and roses, sarah j. maas, depepi,
Artwork by Charlie Bowater.

If you take aside the violence and all the sex, what you get is a great story of people helping each other to heal wounds and traumas. You also get a feminist message: equality. It is Rhysand that shows Feyre how poorly she was treated by Tamlin. And he does it little by little showing to her that she is powerful. Granted, it’s not perfect, but it resembles real life very much.

We can also follow Feyre’s steps into believing in herself. She is powerful, doesn’t need any rescue, and is a great warrior of her own. She only needed to heal and believe in herself. We also can follow Rhysand’s steps and realize that not only women go through excruciating traumas. We can see that he isn’t perfect and that he needs help for healing. Despite being powerful, he needs emotional help too.

This is a great book and an amazing saga. I can’t wait to discover what’s next!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. I only share things that I love. Find the ACOTAR review here.

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  • Such a great book! I definitely fell in love with Rhysand right along with Feyre during this one<3 Can't wait to hear what you think about ACOWAR!

    • Ehhhehehehe Rhys is a cutie! :p I’m reading ACOWAR and I cannot stop!!!