The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross

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Today we’re exploring The Midnight Sea [The Book Depository] by Kat Ross. I read the book in just two days because I couldn’t stop myself! Yes, it’s that good! I found this jewel thanks to Kindle recommendations that I got in my mailbox every day.

The main character is a girl called Nazafareen. When her sister is killed by dark magic, she wants to become a Water Dog, a Druj hunter. First, she has to train for years, and then when the time comes, she’s linked with a daeva named Darius.

The Daeva are slaved Druj. Water Dogs use them and their powers to hunt and kill other Druj. Water Dogs and Daeva are linked by cuffs that bind their power. There’s just one tiny problem: she can feel whatever Darius is feeling too.

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Even if Nazafareen can control Darius at will, feeling what he feels comes with a shock. She expected something evil, and she got someone who is kind. So, at the beginning of the book, we see how she manages to get used to her new companion and acknowledge that he is good at heart.

Nazafareen and Darius’ relationship is rocky, to say the least. However, the more she knows about him, the more questions she has about the slavery system. If he is so evil, why are his emotions so human? She became a Water Dog out of hate, but as the book progresses she sees more and more injustice towards Darius’ kind.

And then, something happens: an incredibly dangerous prisoner flees, and they have to hunt him. In this adventure, Nazafareen will make many choices, and one of them won’t be easy. Is she still a Water Dog? Does she condone slavery? What’s all that magic anyway?

the midnight sea, kat ross, review,

Nazafareen doesn’t question this by chance, but because circumstances force her to do so. And while she questions her society, she also needs to choose where her loyalty is. While evil is lurking around and eager to destroy everything, she learns that things in her Empire aren’t as clear as she was told they were. Her civilization is at stake, but, who is the real evil?

This is a book plenty of surprises, turns, magic, and romance. Be prepared to cry, get excited, and ship couples. Be advised: this is not a book for the weak at heart. Some parts of the story are really hard to read.

This is the first book in this trilogy based on Persepolis. It’s funny to see some historical characters mingle with fantasy ones. It’s a smart tale with many surprises and great narrative.

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