Comic Book Day: New Cool Comics

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Wednesday is the day when you can find new cool comics in the comic book store. Yes, it’s the comic book day of the week, and it certainly comes with hot titles. I’ve decided to share with you some of the titles I’d love to follow. There are too many possibilities out there, and yet, you have to choose from them.

I’m going to start with Misfit City by Boom Box. Wilder lives in what seems to be a very boring place. The biggest thing that ever happened was the filming of a cult kid’s movie back in the 80s. But now, this sounds like ancient history. However, something happens (if not, we wouldn’t have a story). She and her friend find a centuries-old pirate map drawn by someone called Black Mary. Maybe there’s a treasure in that boring town!

new comics, comics, comic book day, depepi,

The Pink Panther Super Special #1 speaks of nostalgia to me. I loved the Pink Panther when I was a kid. Maybe it’s time to give it a go again! The Pink Panther is back as a kind of Superhero. It’s going to fight villains and save us all! I’ll get ready to have fun with the Pink Panther!

new comics, comics, comic book day, depepi,

Secret Warriors #1 promises to be a great reading. Captain America is an agent of Hydra. And it seems he’s after the Inhumans. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Jonhson (Quake), teams up with Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Karnak and Inferno to set things right. And that means fighting Captain America! This is a part coming-of-age story and part spy thriller.

new comics, comics, comic book day, depepi,

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’re going to have fun reading this comic. It looks like Luke Skywalker ends up teaming up with Doctor Aphra because the doctor made a great offer to him. There are many questions: will Luke find what he’s looking for? And, can Aphra be trusted after all?

new comics, comics, comic book day, depepi,

And, finally, Red Sonja! Only one person in the whole world ca save the people of Meru from a hideous ancient evil: Red Sonja. She has to fight the evil wizard Kulan Gath, who has set a trap. This is a one-shot comic book not to be missed!

new comics, comics, comic book day, depepi,

Now tell me, what comics would you love to start reading this week?

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  • I didn’t make it to the comic shop today, but I’m so hoping they’ll still have a copy of Misfit City tomorrow. It just sounds perfect! I’ll also be picking up X-Men: Blue #3, and *maybe* Secret Warriors. I’d like to get it because of the team, but I’m not sure how much I want to get into this Evil!Cap nonsense.

    • I have to make out my mind LOL I’ll go this weekend (I cannot make it before that). Misfit City is going to win LOL Now I have to figure out if I want the issues or if I’ll be strong and wait for the trade…. (unlikely). About evil Cap… I’m not sure either, although the comic book looks nice… not Cap. He’ll be always a hero! [I can rant about it all day long LOL] But, the coming of age part of the story has its appeal. Dang Marvel xDDDD Sometimes it’s difficult with them!

    • I couldn’t wait xDDDDD I added Misfit City to my stash LOL It’s good! 😀 😀 😀

  • Kay

    This was the first time in a few years we’ve missed FCBD sadly! We had previously scheduled plans and wouldn’t be anywhere near a comic shop. 🙁 I’m hoping I can still get a hold of a few though; my partner knows a few shop owners in our state and they are always awesome about setting aside goodies! Misfit City looks great!

    • Awwwww As long as you can get some copies, it’ll be fine I guess. I lived in a town where the comic book store had no free comics at all –; for years…. So, now I’m celebrating it as much as I can! (And yup: Misfit City rocks! I subscribed, I couldnt’ wait for the trade LOL )

  • Wow you got a pretty amazing haul there Pepi!!!!