Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is Beautiful

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I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast last Monday, and it was beautiful. I have, to be honest with you: I didn’t expect much from the movie. I’m happy to be wrong here because it’s a great Disney masterpiece. I remembered the animation movie as a pleasant ride. However, there were lots of things that didn’t tune with me. This time, Disney has fixed almost all the problems. And they created something amazing.

I loved Belle’s small family. Her Dad gave her the opportunity to grow. He didn’t limit his daughter. Instead, he opened the door for her. What’s more, he insisted on not letting Gaston frame him. He would not let his Belle be married to such a terrible man. Belle is an intelligent young woman who wants to know more about the world. Her town is small. But the problem isn’t the size of the village, but the size of the world view its inhabitants have: narrowminded. Women shouldn’t know how to read. But, what if your heart longs for something else? Shouldn’t a woman be able to choose what’s best for her?

disney, beauty and the beast, depepi, depepi.com, reviews

Belle is a book nerd. She goes to different places with her imagination. She’s sweet, strong and quite fearless. To save her father, she ends up being a hostage of the Beast, a cursed prince. Now, this version of the Beast is quite sweet. He is spooky at the beginning, but we can also see that it is so because he is lonely. Despite having a castle plenty of enchanted furniture that once was human, he is quite alone.

Lumière sees the possibilities for the freedom of all in Belle. If she falls in love with the Beast, and the Beast falls in love with her, they’ll be free. But, who can go through appearances but an intelligent woman? Lumière is hilarious. I loved him because he sparks not only imagination but also fun and mayhem. He has the touch of entertainment.

True, there’s a hostage situation here. But, for the sake of the story, we’re presented here with choices. She can run away and forget everything, but she doesn’t do it. She ends up helping the Beast. And when he frees her at last so she can save her father, then she returns to save him yet again. So, who else is the hero here but Belle?

disney, beauty and the beast, depepi, depepi.com, reviews

We also explore the Enchantress who is living in town as a homeless. She helps Belle’s father, but she doesn’t intervene much in the story until the very end. She deems worthy to act then because appearances have been smashed. Belle loves the Beast and has told him so. And the Beast is happy to depart knowing that she is saved.

And then, there’s Gaston. You can see clearly that Luke Evans had the time of his life playing this villain. He enjoyed every single bit of it. Gaston doesn’t love anyone else but himself. He’s selfish, arrogant, untrustworthy, and disgusting. And yet, all women in town want to be his wife. All of them, except Belle who cannot stand the sight of him. Gaston is handsome, and yet, he’s the real Beast of the story.

disney, beauty and the beast, depepi, depepi.com, reviews

Don’t miss the rest of characters because there are tons of surprises there too. You have drama, romance, and funny times all over the movie. Plus, you have great songs. It’s touching, uplifting and it makes you think about appearances, what society expects from you, and if we’re allowed to dream beyond the borders of our limitations.

Another nice touch in this movie is diversity. I didn’t realize it until I was half through the film. What made it so familiar? What made me tune with the story more than ever? It was something as simple as watching diversity on the big screen. We need diversity because we need to see on the screen what we are used to seeing on the streets. It’s as simple as that.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, consider going to the cinema. It’s beautiful. Disney has made it again.

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