Preacher, a Vertigo Ride

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I thought Preacher was going to be boring. I was wrong. It’s a “Vertigo” ride of massive proportions. Based on a comic book by Vertigo, it tells the story of Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher who is on a mission to find God. He is a mess: he drinks until he passes out in front of the altar of his small Church; he’s best friend is an 119-year-old Irish vampire, and his ex-girlfriend wants him to kill a guy.

Could it be even weirder than this? YES!! And that’s the beauty of the show! [BIG SPOILERS AHEAD FOR SEASON 1: I can’t review it without giving away some hilarious information. This show is weird, crazy, and utterly fascinating. I’ve never laughed so much with something so gruesome!]

preacher, vertigo, vertigo comics, depepi,, reviews

The pilot is explosive. A mysterious entity crosses the Galaxy and finds its way into the body of an African preacher. The full Church thinks this is a message from God. Alas, he explodes. The entity makes its way yet to another preacher who ends up exploding again.

Then, we end up in a tiny town lost in the dessert in the US where a Preacher, Jesse, tries to make things work. But, to be honest, he’s a total mess! He’s a disaster with his flock and has a hard time to find God himself. But one day, he’s possessed by the entity. And he survives.

The funny thing here is that at the beginning he has no idea whatsoever that he’s possessed. In the meanwhile, he makes friends with Cassidy, an Irish vampire. Cassidy confesses about his nature, but Jesse doesn’t believe him. He thinks he’s joking.

preacher, vertigo, vertigo comics, depepi,, reviews

One day, when Jesse and Cassidy get drunk in the Church, two “vampire hunters” enter into the Church and try to murder Jesse. But Cassidy saves him killing them both because he thinks they are looking for him.

But, the agents turn out to be two angels. They’re the guardians of the entity that escaped! They’ve gone to Earth without anyone knowing because they were the ones to guard it. But they failed.

At a certain point, Jesse ends up in the room of the hotel where the two angels stay, fighting a third Angel. The funny thing is that angels kill each other leaving their bodies behind. At that moment, they appear again in the room. At the end of the scene, Jesse is on top of a mountain of dead angels!

preacher, vertigo, vertigo comics, depepi,, reviews

To the pot, you have to add Tulip, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend. She wants the Preacher to kill the member of the gang who deserted them. And she’s having a hard time with him because “he’s searching God and trying to save the town from damnation.”

Jesse has superpowers since he’s been possessed: whatever he says with tons of emphasis is like a command. So, people end up doing that thing. But there’s a problem: people take things too literally. And so, there are side effects. Murderous ones, mind you.

preacher, vertigo, vertigo comics, depepi,, reviews

I won’t lie to you: it’s gruesome! There are blood, madness, and mayhem. And yet, it’s so absurd that you have no other choice but to laugh. At the beginning, I thought it was aliens, but when the vampire started being buddies with the Preacher, I was hooked. Nothing could prepare me for the side effects Jesse’s words had on his flock.

There’s even a character with a butt as a mouth! And the worse part: he likes being pathetic. For once, the Preacher can make someone happy in town. But the guy wants to be sad. So, what does Jesse do? He says to him “go to Hell,” and so the guy does.

It’s hilarious, amazing, bloody and surprising! I could spend hours here talking about my favorite scenes, but at this point, I just have some words to preach: binge it!!

Ps: I’m not sure kids should be fans of this one. There’s too much blood. So, teens, adults, vampires and turtles are okay.

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