Weirdworld, a Weird Marvel Comics Tale

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Weirdworld [The Book Depository] is certainly a weird comic book. Marvel Comics has made a huge bet with it. Although it might seen chaotic at first, it’s a fascinating reading. We follow the adventures of Becca, a teen girl from the US who is travelling to Mexico to bring the ashes of her deceased mother to a resting place. Her mother commited suicide and she’s comming to grips with it. Possibly, she did so due to a depression.

Becca never makes it to Mexico. Instead, the plane crashes on the Weirdworld. It’s a crazy land of magic and mayhem. There she meets Goleta, the Wizard Slayer. Together, they embark on a quest. Becca just wants to return home, Earth. She has an Infinity Stone that Morgan Le Fay (the evil Queen of Weirdworld) wants.

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Another member of the quest is a cat who was the Wizard who brought Becca to Weirdworld. He was evil once, but now it seems that he’s helping quite a lot. Goleta is a weird type of Thor: she speaks a lot, understands little, and loves to kill wizards. Goleta is huge and has a very short temper. She acts, then she thinks.

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This weird trio makes it through Weirdworld. Their quest includes harsh moments where Becca remembers her mother and how they used to argue. Becca only wanted her mother to get better. However, the mother seemed too depressed as to accept any help. Becca feels responsible. Her burden is enormous.

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She carries the ashes of her mother throughout the weird lands of Weirdworld. During her quest, he loses them twice. But as Goleta puts it: she’s not responsible for what happens to them. The will of fulfilling her monther’s last wish was real. That she couldn’t make it occur in the end, wasn’t her fault. The world they live in is, indeed, a very weird world.

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Morgan Le Fay looks like Disney’s the Evil Queen. She is devious and treacherous. But, she has her own motives. Her lover is genuinely sick, and she wants her to be healthy again. She’s dying, and so she needs Becca’s stone to make things right. The problem is that she terrorizes the land with her dark magic.

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She’s a baddie, but she’s so stylish that you end up rooting for her at times. However, you cannot terrorize people if you feel down or are unable to help your loved ones. She ends up being pure hate. And that doesn’t suit anyone. Even if you are very stylish.

thorsday, comics thorsday, marvel, marvel comics, weirdworld, depepi,

Give this comic a try! It’s certainly very strange, but in being so weird can touch pain from several angles. If you act correctly, you can save your soul, like Becca. And make cool friends along the way. But, if you end up hurting others to try to help someone else, you end up being a horrible being like Morgan Le Fay!

It’s a very weird comic book. But that’s the point: make things weird to explain the pain in a funny way. That’s ingenious.

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  • Mariah Kaercher

    Awesome! Is this a trade paperback or single issue?

    • You can buy the issues, or the trade. I talk about the first trade here 🙂

  • It’s weird but it looks fun all at the same time!!!

  • Kay

    This looks so strange and interesting! I also love the art style. Adding it to my list!

    • Yes, the art style is super cute. It’s strange, but I think that’s the main purpose 🙂

  • Emma

    Such beautiful artwork – will definitely have to pick this up at some point!