Thor: Ragnarok is so metal it got me rolling!

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Thor: Ragnarok is so metal that it got me on a creative spree today. I couldn’t stop thinking about Loki’s horns and Thor’s Hammer. Poor Mjolnir is the first victim of Hela. But, is she as bad as she seems? Where does she get the makeup? It’s most likely that she gets it from the same shop the Winter Soldier does.

Despite the full trailer being an ode to Thor, Loki has created enough havoc online as to provoke a hurricane. Seconds, he appears only seconds, and he’s making all ovaries explode! Tumblr is on fire! Why? Because the Trickster is horny, and because we’re left to explore an almost hammer-less Thor. (Spoiler alert: he has two Hammers and not only Mjolnir!)

Now, if you want to share a laugh, and explore what the trailer has to offer, I invite you to download this ode to horny helmets, naughty guyliners, and hammers.

Click on the image to download the file in all its glory!

thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,

Or click here to download the funky mess.

Remember that this is only for fun. Hela has entered the scene smashing Mjolnir and rocking brilliant and deadly fashion. The Grandmaster has also given us the angriest Hulk ever, and Valkyrie has brought Thor to the barber. Who could as for more?

Well: Yours Truly. I can ask for much more! Where’s Doctor Strange? We know he’s going to be there at a certain point. I know, perhaps it’s asking far too much to have it all in one single teaser trailer. But, shippers want to ship. And, at this point of the game, we need to start thinking names for the new Tumblr romances. After all, Ragnarok is around the corner! There are only eight months left until the end of days!

And Thor has lost one of his hammers: Mjolnir.

Mind you: we’re horny and in trouble.

thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, loki, loki's army, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,
[Yup: like Loki’s helmet!]

hela, thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,
[Okay: it’s more like Hela’s helmet!]

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