Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Reaction

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I’m so hooked on Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer! Thor sees how Hela destroys his hammer with style, a lot of style. We see Loki having fun with knives, and we have a flair for comedy thanks to the Hulk. But there are several points that we need to geek out loud thanks to this trailer.

Thor appears hanging from chains into a lava abyss. I bet that must be Hela’s realm. Hela’s awesome and super spooky. For starters, she appears with her traditional appearance in the comics: with lots of horns and very intimidating. She’s alluring, yes. But, she’s also very intimidating. We get to see for the first time too Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is working for the Grandmaster. And who is he? The Grandmaster is one of the Elders of the Universe. And, he’s the brother of the Collector. We know that from the comics.

thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, loki, loki's army, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,

At a certain point, we can see Loki sitting down with the Grandmaster. Both look at the arena where Thor is going to fight no other than the Hulk! Now, the big question is if Loki is there to help or to mess things up?

Let’s take a look at the trailer!

We know this gladiator Hulk is an inspiration from Planet Hulk in the comics. Now, does he remember Thor? Or, if he does, is he in a smashing mood and doesn’t care about his opponent?

It’s hard to imagine Thor without his beloved hammer. As you know, most of his strength comes from this weapon. But we know that Hela destroys it without many problems. What’s going on here?

Also, take a closer look at the design of the clothes and title of the movie. It has a Guardians of the Galaxy connection. Are we going to see them together soon? (I hope so). For the time being, let’s just have a second look at Loki’s knives.

thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, loki, loki's army, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,

And his drink.

thor, thor ragnarok, ragnarok, loki, loki's army, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,

I swear I was only staring at the knives, new helmet, and the drink.

And if you’re thinking about a certain comic book Loki helmet, here you have a hint:

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  • Betsy

    This trailer made me so excited!!! I feel like the first 2 Thor movies left a lot to be desired, but this movie looks so so so good. Also whoever Hela is I can’t wait for her, she looks totally BA.

    • Yay! Yup, I’m super excited too! Well, in Norse Mythology Hela is Loki’s daughter LOL Half of her body is alive, and the other half is pretty dead. In Comics she’s also a badass villain :p She should be Loki’s daughter. But, the MCU changes stuff, so, maybe she won’t be because we had no hints whatsoever about Loki’s romances. So, I bet they’ll do something similar to Sleipnir (Odin’s eight-legged horse, who is also another of Loki’s children): she’s going to be a baddie, but she might not be related to Loki. But, she does have the appearance from the comics 😀 Yay!

      • Betsy

        I feel like I want Hela to be Loki’s daughter. Maybe with more complex motives than just being a baddie? I love complex villains lol. Either way I’m very excited to see what they do. Also thanks for all that info, I love Norse mythology.

        • Yup. It should be his daughter. But, we’ll see what they decided to do. I love complex villains too. If they’re too plain, where’s the fun in that?

  • The trailer was so “metal”.

    • YAS!!!! I bet the soundtrack is going to be epic!!! I want to buy it already!