The Sleeper and the Spindle, the review

the sleeper and the spindle, neil gainman, review, books, depepi,

I just read The Sleeper and the Spindle [The Book Depository] and it was glorious. I also purchased the audiobook on Audible and combining the two was the best thing ever!

This is a masterpiece by Neil Gaiman. This is a new fairy tale. I’m sure that just reading it is a pleasure. However, combining the book and the audiobook is completely perfect. The audio effects are amazing. I think that the book earns a new insight when combined with all the sounds.

Neil Gaiman retells a story and twists it for it to become a new classic. Things are not what they seem, and this is what makes this book memorable. Well written, amazingly read and incredibly well drawn. The illustrations are fantastic too.

the sleeper and the spindle, neil gainman, review, books, depepi,

Consider getting the book along with the audiobook. It’s not a long story, but it’s a very entertaining one. An adult re-take on fairy tales with a gorgeous twist.

I must admit that some parts of the story are creepy. The audio effects also made them spookier than expected, which was cool.

I recommend this book as a present as well. For those who love fairy tales, this is a treasure to have at home and read and re-read from time to time. (Although I won’t choose nights for the audiobook).

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