What I’m Watching: the OA, from Netflix

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I found another jewel on Netflix again: a show called the OA. It’s a mystery drama with science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural elements. It has some similar features to Stranger Things. So, if you liked the show, like suspense and science fiction and fantasy, you might love this show.

The central star is a woman called Prairie who comes back home after being missing for more than seven years. She was blind for most of her life, but when she comes back, she can see again. No one can explain that, nor the strange scars she has on her back. To make things spicier, she calls herself the OA. At first, it looks like another case of abduction, and neighbors and other people treat her like a weirdo.

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Prairie is quite weird: she says that she doesn’t remember anything, but we know that she has. The FBI treats it as her having a trauma and needing help. However, she doesn’t want their help. Instead, she relies on the teen neighbor with an appalling attitude and some of his clients. Yes, the guy sells stuff to students. Prairie even convinces one of the teachers to help her out.

Now, this is when things get spicy: she needs strong people willing to help her out finding the others. I’m not ready to spoil the show for you, so I will only say that you should expect many surprises from the show. Also, get some tissues because you’ll need them at the end of the show.

the oa, netflix, shows, reviews, depepi, depepi.com

Have your eyes super open for symbols. The whole show is a mine gold: colors that point at spirituality, braille that reads “Angel,” animals that point at the evil figure of the show, etc. It’s a dense, intense and emotional ride. So, prepare yourself for this show.

As it turns out, the show has two possible reactions: you either love it or hate it. What began as something that would last at least a month, ended up in two days. Yes: I binged the show in record time because I loved it and I couldn’t wait to know what would happen next!

Not to give away spoilers is pretty hard. However, I can say that the final episode had me in tears, shock and amazed. I could feel the same angst the kids at the school felt and the horror of the teacher who didn’t think twice to go back to “her boys.” To fully understand the end, you have to be willing to enjoy the full show and be aware of the symbolism.

It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen so far. It’s emotional and surprising. And yes, it poses many questions about your own beliefs!

Netflix is killing it with these excellent shows. I hope to find more like these in there!

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