Comics THORsday: Gotham Academy, Welcome to Gotham Academy Vol.1

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Welcome to Comics THORsday and Gotham Academy. This first volume is amazing. If you love books like Harry Potter, you might love this comic book series. It’s a sweet take that DC has on youths who attend a quite creepy Gotham Academy. The story is centered on Olive and Maps (Mia). Maps is a new student. Olive is asked to show her around since is in her second grade. Olive is troubled. She doesn’t want to talk to her boyfriend and has extreme fear to bats. So, imagine her disgust every time she sees the Bat-sign in the sky.

In this volume, we see an average girl hating the hero of the city. She doesn’t fancy Batman very much. In fact, you’re bound to get more than one surprised with this volume: Batman might be the bad guy here.

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There is a lot of mystery in the comic: ghosts, superpowers and monsters. There is a wing of Gotham Academy that students aren’t supposed to enter, and there seems to be a weird principal. To make matters more interesting, the Academy appears to be connected to Arkham!

As the comic advances, we’ll meet the troupe: Olive, Maps, Kyle (Olive’s forever waiting boyfriend), Colton, and Pomeline. We also get shapeshifting characters like Tristan and surprises like Damian Wayne.

gotham, gotham academy, dc, dc comics, depepi,, comics, comics thorsday

Tristan is a mysterious guy who catches the eye of Olive. She is messed up about her boyfriend, and there seems to be some spark surrounding Tristan.

We also see the character building and the group creating bonds among themselves as the story unfolds. The geekiest character of them all is Maps. She is more interested in discovering all the mysteries of Gotham Academy than love.

This is a good comic book for all audiences. There are many surprises in it, and that’s refreshing. I’m not a fan of DC, but this title is good and fresh. Gotham Academy also has a crossover with the Lumberjanes. So, if you read both before getting your hands on the crossover, you’re bound to have an excellent time.

gotham, gotham academy, dc, dc comics, depepi,, comics, comics thorsday

And, I must admit it: taking a peek and having Batman as “a villain” at the beginning rocks. We can see that some actions have nasty consequences. Wayne gave a scholarship to Olive so that she can be at Gotham Academy. However, it looks like it’s out of guilt at the moment.

The artwork is fresh, and the colors are appealing. But, I still find it too dark for my taste. I know, it’s Gotham, so it has to be dark.

Don’t miss this comic book. It’s a great take from another perspective on what happens around in a dark city like Gotham. The good thing is: we arrive to explore it through the eyes of fresh and inexperience youngsters.

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