Funko Friday: Warrior Women that Kick Ass

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This Funko Friday is dedicated to warrior women that kick ass. I’ve chosen Jillian Holtzmann from the Ghostbusters, Ripley from Alien, Rey from Star Wars and Uhura from Star Trek. All of them kick ass in different ways. Holtzmann is quirky, odd but amazing. She is super intelligent and creative. The machines that she creates are as quirky as she is, but that’s one of her appeals.

Everybody knows Ripley from Alien. I think she was one of my favorite characters ever when I was growing up. I saw all the Alien movies despite not liking terror films. Why? Because of Ripley! A great role model.

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Rey is a great hero. The Star Wars Universe is getting better with female representation. Rey is independent, strong, resourceful and incredibly creative. She can use the Force in a natural way, and she learns pretty fast. Plus, she is a super cute Pop too!

Finally, Uhura from Star Trek. Her language abilities are incredible, but she is also capable of managing dangerous situations at ease. She is good with a faser as well. I love the original Uhura as much as the new one.

Do you own any warrior women Pops that kick ass? Which ones?

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