The Shannara Chronicles: a lot to read!

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After watching The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix twice, I decided to read the whole book series. I’m not talking about the three first books, but the whole series (around 20 books, I think.) I’m well aware of the number of pages I’ll end up reading, but I love it! It’s been a very long time since I was hooked on a book series in this way. The last time this happened was with Lord of the Rings, and anything Tolkien.

If you decide to give The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix, know that it’s based on the second book of the original trilogy. I started with the first one, the Sword of Shannara. I didn’t expect to like the book so much, to be honest. But, I have tons of questions, and I want to find all the answers.

the shannara chronicles, shannara chronicles, shannara, depepi,, netflix

The show on Netflix is amazing. I’m sure I’ll end up binge watching it yet again. The Sword of Shannara is proving to be a great companion as well. Coffee time is great with this book! So, I guess I’ll be reading everything Shannara until I have no more books left to read.

If you love quests with lots of elves and mysteries around what happened to the world, then you’re going to love the books, especially if you loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. You can expect a faster and easier reading than Tolkien.

I love Allanon a lot at the moment, both in the show and in the book. He is proving to be a very mysterious guy and a great shadow. Despite a very spooky description of him in the book, reality is that he’s pretty cool. He’s very smart and knows far too much about too many things.

the shannara chronicles, shannara chronicles, shannara, depepi,, netflix

In the show we find Wil Ohmsford playing with the elf stones. But in The Sword of Shannara, we find his father discovering that there’s more to him that a simple valley man. I’m yet to find out if Wil will be as naive in the books as he appears to be in the show.

Give the Shannara Chronicles a try! You can start with the original trilogy, but if you get as hooked as I do, you can keep up with the rest of books. (I know, it is a quest in itself!)

The original trilogy of the Shannara Chronicles begins with The Sword of Shannara. Although you could start with the second book following the show, I guess the best thing it’s to start from where the author himself started envisioning the Shannara world.

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