Nerdy Bookworm Box: October Unboxing

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The Nerdy Bookworm Box is a great box for people who like to read geeky books. And if you enjoy unboxing treats, this box is going to be delightful. The wrapping is so cute and delicate that it feels like Christmas! This is an excellent option both as a present for yourself or a friend. I loved opening it. In fact, the first thing you see when you open it is a J.K.Rowling quote: “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” I would add that something very magical also occurs when you open a great box too!

October’s topic was “doppelgängers.”

nerdy bookworm box, nerdy, nerds, bookworm, unboxing, depepi,

I cannot describe the excitement I felt while unboxing everything! It was almost a sin to unwrap the presents too! But that’s the perks of this box: unboxing, unwrapping and fangirling about it.

The contents of the box are amazing! A quest cards sheet (to get extra content online), a bookmark (different in each box), a cool hardpack (Replica [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] by Lauren Oliver), a polyjuice potion candle, a pair of Count of Monte Cristo socks, a Tardis Brooch, a bag of Enchanted Narnia tea, and a roll & read sheet (just if you don’t know what to read next, this will help you).

nerdy bookworm box, nerdy, nerds, bookworm, unboxing, depepi,

The book is excellent: turn Replica one way, and you read Lyra’s story. But if you turn it the other way, you read Gemma’s story. I find this absorbing. Lyra’s story happens in a secret research facility where thousands of human replica models are born, raised and observed. But Lyra (aka number 24) and a boy that is known as 72 escape and things happen.

Gemma’s story seems different. She has been in hospitals since she can remember. When she is almost kidnapped by a stranger, she starts digging into her family’s past just to discover his father’s ties to the secret research facility where Lyra fled.

nerdy bookworm box, nerdy, nerds, bookworm, unboxing, depepi,

The book has beautiful covers, and the story seems fantastic. Not only that, I bet you can read it in different ways too.

This box is a good option. Although you have to be very quick in ordering one box (and subscribing). Boxes are sold up pretty quickly! No wonder, because all the contents of the box are super well wrapped and everything is just perfect.

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