Some Thoughts on Violence and Nipples in Media

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Today I want to share some thoughts on violence and nipples in media. From quite a while, I’ve been pondering to watch the Walking Dead or not. However, yesterday’s spoilers on Twitter made my decision easy. After seeing some gruesome spoilers of the first episode of season 7, I decided not to join the tribe. Why? Because of too much violence. Just after seeing how Neal dispatches Glen with a bat, an idea came in a flash into my mind: women’s nipples. You might think that this is a pretty odd connection to make: gruesome death and female nipples. However, they’re quite related in media and our minds for different reasons. Let me explain.

Think about our levels of offense: we can see sheers amounts of blood, but we get offended when we see something sexual (or something that we, as a society, have oversexualized; so yeah, a girl eating a banana, even if innocently, can be offensive). The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are just two super popular shows that show up sheers amounts of violence. And it seems we have no problems at all with the amount of blood on screen. It makes me wonder if we’ve become vampires. Seriously!

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But, if we see too many nipples or junks or women and men kissing onscreen, we are suddenly offended. What’s wrong with us!? Some months ago, there was this huge heated discussion among Oncers (Once Upon a Time fans) because of a love-centered episode: Red and Dorothy would kiss, and it would be true love. Suddenly people were incredibly offended. What about all the ripped hearts and destroyed lives in the show? Nah, those suckers don’t offend at all! Let them burn!

And it seems this tendency touches everything: social media and the streets. While I can share pics of Glen with half his face turned smashed potatoes with a protruding eye, I cannot share female nipples. Violent, bloody images don’t offend, so you can share them on your social media till you don’t puke anymore, but women’s nipples are offensive because we’ve oversexualized every single inch of the female body. So, I can share blood, I can share fat men’s nipples attached to bigger boobies than mine, but I cannot share my nipples nor scenes of “too much love.”

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Too much skin or showing consensual relationships onscreen are almost taboo (whatever the combination of that relationship). However, breaking people’s skulls and smash their brains all over is just okay. If we have to be offended, let’s do it with nature’s most pleasurable activities: love and sex. And if we’re to show sex onscreen it has to be either sick, non-consensual or porn from 1 am in the morning.

You might think that I’m overreacting, but this is a realization that came from OUAT’s Red and Dorothy episode; Brighton’s Pride parade and yesterday’s spoilers on Twitter. Poor Glenn. So, what happened during the Pride parade? Well, at a certain point, super handsome gay men walked with only a small piece of cloth covering their junks. You could admire all the muscles (including the nipples) and their naked butts. Although it was a lovely scene and you could cheer up nakedness in almost all its glory, there was a thought that crossed my mind: I cannot do that, if I do I will be fined and taken into custody. Seriously.

So, guys can show almost every single inch of their bodies, but I can’t. I’m fined (unless I’m in LA) and probably taken into custody for disturbing the peace. What’s wrong with society!?

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What happens when you see some male butts one parade? You think about mothers. I know, it’s a weird connection to make. But, think about all those mothers that have to hide because they want to give milk to their babies. All because female nipples are so offensive. Nature made us this way, so why is female nature so offensive?

As you can see, TWD spoilers on Twitter triggered a line of thoughts that made me naturally angry. Our culture is illogical and totally screwed. We aren’t offended by sheer amounts of violence, but we get hurt by some natural activities that female do, or activities that you can do with females. This should make us think deeply about our culture and our preferences.

Tell me, what’s worse and more sickening: sharing scrambled brains and bloody dead characters around, or sharing female nipples on Instagram?

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Ps: and here you have the reason why I won’t be watching the Walking Dead, and I stopped Game of Thrones. Too much violence, and such few amounts of love. Vikings is already challenging enough as to add more violent shows into my show menu. I’d like to see more love and more naked inches from all types of people on screen and fewer amounts of blood. More kisses and less kicking would be nice for a change.

Ps2: I’ll leave you with a disturbing thought. Fat men boobies and nipples can be shown without any problems: in the seaside, at picknicks, during your friends’ barbecue party… You name it. But if I want to go topless, I’m a deviant. Well, spoiler alert: fat men’s boobies can be bigger than women’s boobies. Only the nipples are different in their sizes; men’s are smaller than women’s. So, is society telling me that size matters? Because if having bigger nipples is a crime, having huge junks should be too! (It doesn’t sound that fair, does it? So, if it doesn’t, when are we going to get rid of that stupid gendered nipple rule?)

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