Funko Friday: Batgirl of Burnside Funko Pop

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Funko Friday is back again. This time with Batgirl of Burnside, a super cute Funko Pop. Although I’m not much of a DC fan, I am reading Batgirl of Burnside. Barbara Gordon is funny, smart and a strong teen. So far, the comic portrays her in a right way; that’s why I keep on reading it. In my Funko Pop collection, there are only one DC Pop: Batgirl! The other two figurines in my collection are two Rock Candy figurines: Wonder Woman and Batgirl. And a Funko plush: a pink Batman. (I don’t like Batman, but I found this pink one hilarious.)

This version of Batgirl is fresh and sharp. I think she is fighting Spider-Gwen in sales. Or at least, that would be the counterpart in Marvel. Her outfit isn’t that dark, and it’s made with stuff you would find easily in stores. (Tips for future Cosplay ideas.)

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I like this Pop’s pose. She seems to say: “hey! I’m here. What’s up!?” This is a great Pop to have in your collection if you love Batgirl. Well, at least if you like this version of Barbara.

She is a great addition to my fantastic Women of Power Funko Pop collection. Women like Ripley (Alien), Spider-Gwen, Squirrel Girl, Lagertha, Holtzmann, etc. are in this collection.

funko, funko pop, dc, dc comics, batgirl, funko friday, depepi,

If you’d like to try out Batgirl of the Burnside you can read the three trades that are already out there:

Have you bought any Pop lately? Which one?

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