Scratchy dePepi Giveaway. Because, why not!?

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Tada~! The scratchy dePepi giveaway is here. Because, why not? I have a cute Japanese nails set to giveaway to my wonderful readers. Because, if we’re to be Superheroes and scratch villains’ faces, we better do it in style. I must admit that I don’t paint my nails too often, and when I do, I do them in black! However, I love these sets and take a look at other people’s hands. (I know, it’s weird.)

So, what’s up with all these super decorated nails? Although many people see painting nails or polishing them as utterly frivolous, I think that they speak volumes about the person who shows them. They’re just another add-on fashion item that we use to explain our personalities. Some people like them cute, others like them natural, and others like them black. (Blame Loki for that, I wonder if I indeed have a villain’s heart.)

Entering in this giveaway is super easy! Just follow the instructions in the widget and tell me: what would you scratch in a fashionable way? Your boyfriend’s back? The sofa? A chalkboard?

Japanese Kawaii Nails Set

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