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Comic Books to add to your reading wish list Vol. 4

Here’s another comic book list to add to your reading wish list. Here you have a list of American, Japanese and European comics to read. Some of them are already classics, and others made the world of comics crumble. Take a look at this list and decide which comics call your name. They’re all great reads!

reading comics, comics, comics wishlist, depepi,

We start with Akira (by Katsuhiro Otomo). This is a Japanese cyberpunk post-apocalyptic series. According to it, Tokyo is going to be devastated during the Olympic games of 2020… This manga was written back in 1984. Tokyo has been destroyed in manga and anime many times, but it’s enerving that there will be the Olympic games in 2020, so I wonder, we will meet Akira? (If so, let me tell you: we’re doomed!)

Blacksad belongs to the French tradition of the bande dessinée. Published by Dark Horse, Blacksad explains the life of anthropomorphic characters back in the America of the Fifties. Stereotypes run rampant, and the cynicism is king. There are rat goons, a goanna hitman, a racist polar bear, a nuclear physicist who is an owl… And Blacksad is no other than a Private Investigator. It’s a beautiful comic plenty of realism in a world where animals are just telling us how animals human can be.

Death of Superman changed the world of comics forever. Not because Superman died, but because collecting comics changed forever. Before his death, collecting comics was profitable, but the bubble would burst sooner or later. And it did with Superman dying! Superman’s Doomsday is here the doomsday for collectors. It also creates the most astonishing symbolism of all: Superman’s cape is in pieces, telling us he’s dead. A great read, and the bomb that crashed the comic book market forever!

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Daredevil: Man without Fear is another jewel of comics. You can find Daredevil in Netflix, and it was certainly influenced by this comic book. Here Frank Miller and John Romita Jr tells us a different origin story of the lawyer. Here, the Superhero is defined in different terms as the Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen. This is where Netflix got it’s mojo for our beloved Daredevil. Don’t miss it!

The Ultimates: Super-Human Vol. 1 is a reimagining of the Avengers. Well, it’s more like a dysfunctional mess more than a Superhero team. For starters, Stark is an alcoholic, Thor is a looney, and Captain America doesn’t have any compromises. This comic asks the question of what happens when you turn normal people into Superheroes in the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t they have some issues?

Sex Criminals: Volume 1 : One Weird Trick is weird. What if you could freeze time when you have an orgasm? What if you find a partner who can do the same like you? Apart from love, you could rob banks. And that’s exactly what Suzie and Jon do. I must admit it’s goofy but also weird. (Not what I had expected when I picked it up.)

reading comics, comics, comics wishlist, depepi,

Asterix the Gaul are heroes from my childhood. Asterix is a tiny gaul who teams up with a giant one, Obelix. Asterix is allowed to drink a magic potion to defeat the Romans, but Obelix cannot because he felt into one giant bowl of it when he was younger. It’s a little bit absurd at times, but you laugh a lot. I was so hooked by this duo when I was a kid. It’s a fun read!

Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life Volume 1 is a story of young people coming to terms with adulthood. It’s energetic, witty and super emotional. Drawn in manga-like style, Scott Pilgrim is a little jewel. If you’re looking for a funny read, this is it.

And, finally, the Runaways Vol.1: Pride & Joy. This is a comic for teens and adults. A group of kids discovers, to their horror, that their parents are Supervillains! They decide then to use their own superpowers in their own terms. It’s a coming-of-age story full of bright and emotional moments. What would you do if you discover that your parents are Supervillains? Who would you like to be in the future? Like them? Or yourself?

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend and list things that I like.

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I love Sex Criminals! I just finished Volume 2 recently and I still find the series really enjoyable.

  • I’ve been wanting to read Blacksad. I love a good noir detective story and it’s even better that the story’s populated with animals!

    • Then you’re going to love this one! 😀

  • Kay

    I’ve had Blacksad on my list for awhile; it just sounds so intriguing!

    • it is! 😀 Read it 😀

  • Sounds so wrong when you say or write it but I’m obsessed with Sex Criminals!! Unexpected love for it. Got the third volume but I don’t want to crack it open as I know I’ll have to wait months for the 4th. I started the Runaways but couldn’t get past book 3? I think it was 3 or 4. Now theres a TV show or film on its way….

    Love the collection you got on the post – Blacksad sounds amazing!

    • Hahaha! There’s nothing wrong in loving Sex Criminals. And I get you completely. It sucks waiting for months to read more of it. Yup, Runaways is going to be on the screen soon 😉 So, you shouldn’t panick nor feel bad for not following it. Blacksad it’s super good 😀 Highly recommended 😀