Loki Year 2016: Keep Calm and Join Loki’s Army

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Loki Year 2016 is here so that we can get loads of fun! This time, we’ll keep calm and join Loki’s Army. Today we’re going to talk about the arrangement of Loki and Odin to end the World, the lay of Thrum, Loki’s Army, and we’ll also explore lessons 6 to 8 from book three of the Gospel of Loki. Let’s begin with the end of the World according to Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Odin calls Loki in his presence to tell him a plan to make the Gods deeds live forever. He shows Loki a lonely figure that will come and destroy them: a man.

“Loki turned his head and saw a small, solitary figure walking across the sand. As he drew closer, Loki could make out a slight, bearded man wearing a simple one-piece garment that fell to just past his knees. His skin and hair were both dark, and he looked as though a strong wind would knock him over.
“And what do I see? A pathetic mortal who would barely make a light snack for one of my sons?”

That pathetic mortal turns out to be Jesus, and his followers are going to sweep up every single memory of Asgard. So, what to do to preserve their names, their memories and their deeds? Armageddon!

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The only one to survive to keep up the memories of the Gods is going to be Balder. And so, Odin asks Loki to create the final battle so that the few survivors can tell the stories lead by Balder, who will raise from the dead. Little Odin knows that Loki, the Trickster, will shapeshift and take Balder’s place. And how does he manage to do that? (Read the tale and you’ll find out!)

The lay of Thrym from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths is another cool myth. In here we find out that Thor’s hammer has been stolen. It wasn’t Loki, though, but Thrym. He wants to exchange Mjolnir for Freyja. And so, Thor ends up taking Freyja’s place, with her necklace around his neck and dressed for marriage. Let’s say he wasn’t so happy about the idea. But, you already know this story, don’t you!?

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And so, how can we join Loki’s Army? According to Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army, there isn’t a single way a fan can join it. Hiddlestoners and Loki fans are all but part of it. In fact, no one needs to know all the deeds of Loki, nor all the deeds of Tom. Joining the Army is as easy as starting following Loki and Tom in a non-serious manner. So, in the Army, we can find different types of fans. For example:

  • Causal fans. These are people who enjoy either Loki or Tom in a loose manner without being too serious about it.
  • Geek fans. These are fascinated by all things Loki and all things Hiddleston. They create art or consume art created by others, cosplay, etc.
  • Closet fans. These are fans who don’t want to say that they love Loki or Tom in a public manner. This can happen because they want to be private about their fan obsessions or because their surroundings wouldn’t understand why they joined the Army.
  • Nomadic fans. These fans like to be in the Army at times. They will come and go as their mood changes.
  • Serial fans. These are fans who are in the Army and many other fandoms. They are in several fandoms at the same time!
  • Shippers. These are fans who enjoy shipping Loki (and Tom) with different people and characters. (Because shipping Loki with everyone is just fun! Let’s admit it!)

There are many other types of fans, but let’s just say these are some examples of the different kinds we can find in Loki’s Army. So, it’s easy to join it, so easy that we better keep calm and let Loki guide us.

And finally, we’ll take a look at lessons 6 to 8 from the Book 3 of the Gospel of Loki. As you recall, we left Loki happy because of his success plot for murdering Balder. But this backfired: Odin killed his sons, and now he had to hide not to be taken away. Loki thought Odin would murder him, but instead, he chained him under a giant snake to forever feel the pain of its Venom!

Next: we’re reading all about Thor’s journey to Utgard and Thor’s duel with Hrungnir from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. Let’s get Loki!

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What we know so far:

1. Loki Year 2016: the Intro + downloadable pdf: go here.
2. THOR, the movie.
3. Who is Loki?
4. Lokabrenna, let there be light!
5. Sif’s haircut.
6. The Avengers.
7. Modern Myths, Loki is a Geek and Thor is a Jock.
8. Loki is never fitting in…
9. Freyja’s Wedding.
10. Thor: The Dark World.
11. The worse environment of all.
12. Messing around.
13. Freyja’s necklace.
14. The Creation of the World.
15. Knowledge is power.
16. Loki lips are sealed…
17 to 21. Buildings and War.
22. Thinking about Murder.
23. The treasures of the Gods.
24. The dream Wizard.
25. Weddings and Fans.
26. Loki’s cute children.
27. The binding of Fenrir.
28. Celebrity Culture.
29. Valhalla.
30. Balder’s Return.
31. Loki Year 2016: Idun’s Apples & the Marriage of Skadi.
32 to 34. Loki Year 2016: Beauty, Jewels, Love, Trickery and Fame.

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