Funko Friday: My next OUAT wish list

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Funko Friday is here again, and this time with my next OUAT wish list. Once Upon a Time has a new wave of Pops coming up. I have all of them, including the purple Regina. And now I need to get my hands on these new Pops. However, I must admit that I’m a little bit disappointed since there are some characters missing from this new wave. Where is the Dark Swan? And Henry?

It is evident who the most famous characters in the show are. If we take a look at the number of Pops, each character has we find out the absolute winners: Regina and Hook.

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I confess, two of my favorite characters happen to have three different Pops each. I love Killian Jones and Regina, but you already know that. However, I also love Swan. I do miss the Dark Swan Pop!!! (What were Funko thinking!?)

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So, here’s the Dark Hook with Excalibur. His hair is in disarray. You have to love him in all his versions because he’s so cool not even Hades could erase the handsome out of him! It’s going to be a perfect add to the collection. Although, it will look super weird. I’ll have one Swan and three Hooks. I call that a Pop orgy!

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And say hi to the best Regina ever! I think I like this Pop the best, more than the other two versions of her. They could have created a Robin to be in the pot, but Zelena will do fine. Still, it will look a little bit weird to have three Reginas, no Robin, and a Zelena. Just for the record: Funko, these are Fairy Tales! (Or, at least, they should be!)

OUAT, once upon a time, funko, funko pop, pops, funko pops, funkofunatic, depepi,

The gorgeous Zelena has an excellent Pop at last! I was rooting to have this Pop for a long time, so now I will be able to display her with the others. She looks so cute!

OUAT, once upon a time, funko, funko pop, pops, funko pops, funkofunatic, depepi,

And, finally, Belle. I don’t mind this Pop so much, but I don’t want Rumple to be all alone. At the moment he is surrounded by two Reginas on the shelf. It will just be nice to have him facing Belle (who is going to kick his butt because he’s been so selfish!)

So, do you have any wish list that will be a reality soon? (The new wave of OUAT Pops are hitting the market so soon!)

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  • Kayla Cox

    I seriously need all of these. I recently rejuvenated my addiction to Once Upon A Time… and just ughhhhh <3

    • Yup, OUAT is addictive, and so are the pops xDDDDD Welcome to the club!!

  • New Once Pops, yay! I’ve got mine safely preordered and can’t wait for them to join the others in the collection. Super stoked that they’re giving us Dark Hook and I love the Regina and Zelena Pops, they’re so detailed. And thank goodness we’re getting adventurer Belle and not a damsel. Really hoping she gets to come into her own this season. Just over a week to go! šŸ˜€

    And yeah, they’re definitely missing a trick not having Dark Swan, or Robin, or Henry. Heck give me them all! Next stop, Pops Rides: Emma & her yellow Bug, Captain Hook and the Jolly Roger. Gimme, gimme! *grabby hands*

    • I understand you completely! And yup, a yellow Bug and a Jolly Roger would be awesome šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I would buy all of those! xDDDDD I’m crazy! But this is the only collection I want to have with everything that’s out there! Although, I don’t get why Funko doesn’t create more characters. Jazz there very cool ones!! Their way of thinking bites me… Sigh. I’ll collect these in the meantime and keep on complaining with the hope they’ll create more Pops šŸ˜‰

  • Hmmm…haven’t seen this show yet. Can you compare it to other fandoms so I can get a gauge if I should add it to my watch list?

    • Hmmmm I’d say it’s Fairy Tales for adults. I cannot really compare it to other fandoms since it’s quite unique. It has Disney elements, LOST elements (you’ll see many actors from LOST in OUAT), mystery elements… I dunno… TBH, I cannot compare it. GIve it a try with the first season and see if it’s for you šŸ™‚

  • Ooooh I love Belle’s outfit!

    • Happily they chose the warrior one and not the princess one. At leats we have her badass side šŸ˜‰