What I’m Watching: the Past, the Future and Vampires

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What I’m watching at the moment can be found on Netflix. Yes, I might be one of those human beings addicted to all things Netflix. During my meals, I like to pass sometimes with vampires, science fiction shows, and documentaries. I can’t remember a time when Netflix wasn’t there (I’m serious here!) So, what have I been watching lately?

1. iZombie!!!

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I need brains! Well, at least I would need them if I were a Zombie just like Liv. I’m not a great fan of zombies, but I couldn’t stop watching this show: it’s too smart! Plus, Liv’s Funko Pop figurine it’s too cute to resist. So, what does this drama have? Love, sex, zombie attacks, mysteries, and glamor! Whatever you wish for it’s in there! You’ve got a geek doctor, a sexy ex, a beautiful best friend, and a spooky and sexy enemy-turn-out-to-be-friend. It’s addictive! As much as brains would be if I were a zombie.

2. Continuum

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I found this jewel some days ago, and I can’t stop watching it. Continuum is set in a distant future where corporations rule the game. However, there’s a terrorist group who wants freedom back for the people, and they are fighting corporations killing tons of people in the process. When the main brains of the terrorist organization are about to be killed according to laws, they’re sent back in time. And with them, a “protector” (a female police officer). She is enhanced with all these super cool techie gadgets. She is like an alien for the time she is set in. Since she is a police officer, she can keep on working and manages to sneak in a police department. It’s a smart show, with references to other science fiction shows, and with a somewhat creepy message. What if corporations ruled the world?

3. Being human

being human, netflix, depepi, depepi.com

If you loved Kili in the Hobbit, you’re going to swoon with Mitchell the Vampire. Aidan Turner is trying to remember how to be human along with his roommates: a werewolf who is too sweet to be a wolf, and a ghost who is learning how to spook people. This is funny and sad at times. I must admit that the first episode wasn’t really nice. However, it made me go deeper into this show. It might be that Kili is in it, or it might be that the mystery deepens as the drama progresses. Besides, it’s fun to see how a ghost learns to be a ghost! I highly recommend it if you love vampires, and if you want to see “Kili” again. Only, he’s Mitchell this time.

4. OUAT (of course!)

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Since Once Upon a Time is going to start again, I’m keeping on watching the show. I started a month and a half ago (I think). I doubt I can finish it in time to link it when the new season begins. However, it’s a delight to revisit my favorite episodes. I think that perhaps I should write more about OUAT, but at the same time, I don’t want to spoil the fun for new people who want to star watching it.

And you? What have you been watching lately?

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  • I love all of these! I’ve only watched a little bit of iZombie, but it’s super cute (even though I’m not a huge fan of zombies either)! The others are all so good though<3

    • It’s cute how they treat zombies, tbh. If it had been the traditional show with zombies I wouldn’t have even tried! 😀

  • I love Being Human! I watched it in 2012-ish and fell in love with all the characters! I liked how down-to-earth and, well, human they all were, despite being fantastical creatures 🙂

    • The one I like best is Mitchel 🙂 As a Vampire he’s cool, troubled and has a great fashion. But the team is great 🙂 I love how they treat “monsters” and how human they look on the screen 🙂 It’s nice so far 🙂

  • Desiree

    More shows to add to my to watch list. I started izombie, but life happened and I stopped. Have to pick it back up. OUAT is one I’ve caught here and there, but have yet to watch continuously.

    • Love both! 😀 I’m so happy we’ll have more new episodes soon 😉 As for all good things Netflix, it’s super cool to have both there and binge when I want 😀 (I’m so addicted to Netflix!)

      • Desiree

        Yes Netflix is so addicting. It makes it easy to get sucked in and binge.

        • YAAAAAS!!! It’s soooo easy!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Grimm! I just wrote a blog post about it.

    • I think I read your post! xDDDD I want to give it a try now!

  • Kay

    I’ve had Continuum on my list to start for awhile now but just haven’t gotten around to starting it yet. We are so behind on shows! Lately (since we just got a PS4 at the end of August) we’ve been swapping nights playing video games instead of watching our shows haha. 😀

    • Hahahaha but that’s cool too! 🙂 🙂

  • I tried Continuum and I just couldn’t get into it. 🙁 I am watching Stranger Things, OUAT, and of course Star Trek!

    • Oooh~ Icic. Well, Stranger Things, OUAT and Star Trek are awesome 😉 Ehehehhee 🙂