Comic Books to add to your reading wish list Vol. 3

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Here we have a comic book list with titles to add to your reading wish list. I’ve selected classic comics and jewels that any comic book fan should either read or have on their shelves at home. Be prepared, because this is a ride into fiction, real lives, and Superheroes! I hope you decide to pick up some of these titles and explore the endless possibilities of comics as a medium.

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We start with deconstructed Superheroes: Watchmen! Superheroes would never be the same after Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Superheroes are out there to take care of us. But, who takes care of the Superheroes? What’s more, what would happen if Superheroes would be real? Don’t miss this graphic novel; it’s a classic. Besides, the ending has a great twist!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is the comic book Tim Burton used as inspiration for his Batman on the big screen. In here, Frank Miller presents a middle-aged Batman, a rare underdog who surprises us all. He might be old, but he is still Batman, and he has a lot to give. It feels like the end of the world. Even the art feels apocalyptic.

Daredevil: Born Again is another jewel from the hands of Frank Miller. He can portray a very troubled Daredevil taking a look at his superpowers as if they were a curse. We how the Superhero ends up finding just what he is: a blind man. Is this an account on depression? Or a way to find one’s true heart?

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Phonogram: Rue Britannia puts us around the Britpop from the Nineties. This is a masterpiece in which we can find a reflection of the elitist musical culture of the time. This story by Kieron Gillen makes us go back and forth in time while the art of Jamie McKelvie leaves us breathless in its black and white disguise.

A Contract with God is a classic. Will Eisner’s masterpiece is considered the first graphic novel as we know them today. It portraits the Thirties with a magical tune, exploring the lives of Jewish immigrants in the Bronx. Plenty of melodrama, it’s a tale of love, success, and loss, just on the dark side of the street.

If you haven’t heard about Saga yet it’s because you’ve been living in a bunker. Saga’s Vaughan’s epic of a fantasy and sci-fi world that explains the live and adventures of a family in retrospect. Fiona Staples art adds dynamics and elements that will trap you in the story. To miss this epic tale is to miss what’s hot today!

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In Civil War we face a great division within the Marvel Universe: some Superheroes are for the Superhuman Registration Act and others, against. This Act is a bill that would see all masked vigilantes forced to declare their identities to the public. Iron Man wants total transparency, but Captain America supports privacy. In this drama, friends clash, morals are questioned, and it makes you think what’s at stake when you want total security. Would you risk your privacy?

Tank Girl: Bk. 1 is a British punk comic that began in the late Eighties and keeps on hot today. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, Tank Girl takes missions with her boyfriend, a mutant kangaroo. And yes: she does drive a tank. It’s an excellent exposure of madness and a brilliant example of the indie counterculture. It’s one of the symbols of the riot grrrl movement.

And, finally, Persepolis. This comic is the memoirs of Marjane Satrapi. She writes and draws what she experienced growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Then she lives in Vienna and then returns to her homeland. During her journey, we see her having romance, divorce and more! She takes on how the political can affect deeply the personal. There are sad moments and funny moments. This is a small jewel that will make you think a lot. It’s as beautiful as painful.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend and list things that I like.

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