Funko Friday: How many Funkos do you own?

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This week I have a terrifying Funko Friday: how many Funkos do you own? This is a question that I don’t want to answer. The reason? I don’t want anyone to tell me that I already bought too many Funkos. I’m a collector, so I don’t think I will stop buying these lovely figurines anytime soon. But why? What makes collectors keep on buying?

I’m a picky Funko collector: I don’t buy all the Pops that are out there. I just buy the ones that tune with me and from the fandoms that I love. It seems that I’m an eclectic collector. (It goes with my personality. I also have a beautiful eclectic Tarot collection).

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As of the moment of writing this post, I own 100+ Pops. Candida asked how many Pops I owned in a comment on my Facebook page. And so, I had to count them. This is how I discovered that I had crossed the 100 line. It might sound stupid, but passing big numbers make things different. It’s like stating to the world that you are brilliant, or amazingly bad. It’s also a number that allows your family and friends to tell you: haven’t you got enough?

But when is it enough for a collector? I guess the answer is: never. Or, alternatively, as long as space allows for my hobby of collecting Pops. I know that I’m going to dismiss these comments and keep on collecting till my space runs out.

Oh! I forgot! I’m one of those appalling collectors who takes out the Pops from their boxes! (Unless is an extra copy that I have as safe keeping…)

So, what about you? How many Pops do you own?

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