What I’m Watching: Netflix Addiction

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What I’m watching at the moment can be found on Netflix. I might have a Netflix addiction, but most of the shows rock and I need entertainment while I have dinner. So, these are the shows I’ve been watching lately.

1. Stranger Things

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I started to watch Stranger Things along with my Vulcan. It’s a pain just to watch one episode each night. I’d love to binge watch the show because it’s so good, but I have to behave and watch it along with my sweet pie. Although I’m a kid of the 1990s, my sweet pie lived all the eighties in all their glory. So, it’s a delight to enjoy the show while we share memories from our childhood.

2. Izombie

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I started this show too because everyone was saying it was so good. It’s funny, good and enchanting. Though I must admit that the brains the main character eats are challenging. I know they’re fake, but still, I cannot imagine myself eating brains. I love her fashion, though, very flashy.

3. Shadow Hunters

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Out of boredom, I tried this one out. It’s entertaining, but not exactly my favorite meal. Still, it’s a good watch while you take lunch. All people are too beautiful. When you have all the characters looking so perfect, it makes it less believable. I’d wish they would have mixed more the types of people. On the bright side, there are LGBT characters. However, I’m still not so sure on how they’re portrayed.

4.Teen Wolf

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Again, out of boredom during lunch. Most of the time I need to stop the episode before it has finished, and keep watching the next day. I get angry when I have to do this with the Shadow Hunters, but not with Teen Wolf. So, if I think I have less time than usual for lunch, then I watch Teen Wolf.

5. Once Upon a Time

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And, you got it! I’m still watching OUAT little by little. I miss it a lot, and so I need to watch an episode once in a while during the week. Waiting for the new season to start is painful. I want to see what’s going to happen with Captain Swan, Regina, and the Evil Queen.

What have you been watching lately?

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