Funko Friday: I have a secretary! Gotta love the Ghostbusters Pops!

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Funko Friday is back! Today I want to introduce you, my secretary! You have to love the Ghostbusters Pops! So far I got Holtzmann and Kevin. In fact, this week I got Kevin. Now, I can officially say that I do have a secretary: with fake specs and with very funky dancing moves. Jokes aside, these Pops are super detailed! As you know, I enjoyed the movie a lot. In fact, I would have loved to have had this movie back when I was six years old. Why? Because little girls need badass female role models. It’s just fair since men have plenty all over.

funko friday, funko, funko pop, ghostbusters, funkofunatic, depepi,, holtzmann, jillian holtzmann, kevin

I am seriously considering completing the Ghostbusters Funko collection. However, I need to re-think the available space I have at the moment for my Pops. (I want to change some of the stands where I have placed some of my favorite Pops, but this is going to be tricky).

But, let’s just talk a little bit about Kevin. His specs are gorgeous. It’s funny because every time I see this Pop, I remember the scene in the movie where he messes up with his specs. You know, if your specs are dirty, just get rid of the glass!

funko friday, funko, funko pop, ghostbusters, funkofunatic, depepi,, holtzmann, jillian holtzmann, kevin

Holtzmann and Kevin are really cute and detailed Funko Pops. If you’re thinking about getting Ghostbusters Funko Pops, consider getting them. Besides, having a Secretary is cool. Especially if it’s Kevin.

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  • B.

    I have Kevin and Holtzmann too! I think I might have to pick up the rest of the ladies as well. I just loved the movie THAT much!

    • Yay!!!!!! Yup, I’m thinking about getting the full collection 😀 These pops are so cute!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I don’t have any Ghostbusters pops because I still haven’t seen the movie!!

    • Oooh!!! Watch the movie first 🙂

  • Danielle Knapp

    Yay great POPS and girls most certainly need great kick ass female role models!

  • I still have seen the new Ghostbusters movie. In fact, with the wedding and other summer things, I haven’t been to the theater since April ….I’ve missed so many nerdy releases this summer >.< Haha. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of DVD catch-up this fall with Netflix

    • Ehehehehe, well, you’ll have more fun bingewatching on Netflix :p I love Netflix, btw. Don’t worry if you’re missing some films, as long as you can find them on Netflix, or get your hands on the DVDs, you’ll be fine 😉