Comics THORsday: Kim & Kim, Snotgirl & Gwenpool!

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Comics THORsday comes hot with Kim & Kim, Snotgirl, and Gweenpool. I’m only going to talk about Kim & Kim and Snotgirl and leave Gwenpool for another time. Let’s start with Kim & Kim, a comic by Visaggio-Cabrera and Aguirre-Saam-Rex. I don’t like the artwork at all, but I got issue #1 just because one tiny detail: Catalans. As far as I know, Catalans live in Spain, in Catalonia. Since I was born in Barcelona, this makes me one of them. However, in this comic, Catalans aren’t friendly folk who love eating, creating human castles and hunt mushrooms. They’re an elite group of bounty hunters in a place called the Omniverse. So, imagine my face when I started reading the comic, and I discovered that we don’t really hunt mushrooms but all types of galactic scum. How could have I missed that!?

comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, kim & kim, snot girl, gweenpool, depepi,

Catalans are a spooky lot who also put a prize on someone. I wonder if this comic is talking about some alternate Universe where Catalans are hunting Spaniards… Perhaps this is a weird metaphor? Whatever the case, the main characters, Kim Q. and Kim D. are two badass hunters.

comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, kim & kim, snot girl, gweenpool, depepi,

Despite the Catalan alluring part, the artwork puts me off quite a bit, so I guess I won’t follow the series. Even if it portrays Catalans as badass galactic bounty hunters, a unique spooky elite. I feel it’s better than the fame of experts mushroom hunters. [And yes, if you happen to go to Catalonia during the fall, you’ll get all these TV programs with all types of info on mushrooms and how to find them… I think that mushroom-hunting is a national sport, but I’m not so sure about that.]

comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, kim & kim, snot girl, gweenpool, depepi,

And then, we have Snotgirl, a chic fashion blogger who has a tiny problem with snot. Her hair is green, and she is quite cute. It seems that her problem is that she’s almost 26, obsessing on other bloggers’ success, and well, his ex who has a new girlfriend. The artwork is superb, the story is witty, and the mystery is just too good to miss. I love the script, the colors, and the mess.

comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, kim & kim, snot girl, gweenpool, depepi,

Lottie almost finds a new friend in this issue. But she has some issues with her snot problem, and with being called snotie. Perhaps, kids bullied when she was back at school? Plus, the back cover gives us a hint: “I’m almost 26, and I’ve only ever kissed one person.” Do we have some drama coming in the next issue? I want to know! So, yes, I’m going to keep up reading Snotgirl!

In the meanwhile, I’ll let you wait for Gwenpool. Yeah, I’m evil!

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  • B.

    I’m going to a signing for Kim & Kim next weekend! I can’t wait!

    • Wow! Great! Can you ask them why the Catalans? (Tell them you have a Catalan friend xDDD that has just hunted mushrooms LOL ) Now I’m curious :p

      • B.

        I’ll try and remember! But the writer/creator is on Twitter too! You could probably send a tweet!

        • Oooh I could try that one 😉 And see if the inspiration came from mushroom hunting or not :p

  • Emma

    I’m intrigued by Snot girl. Does she have a particularly runny nose then? Or has she got some sort of snot ball super power thing going on? Might have to pick it up – she does look cute.

    • I’m not sure yet, but there’s something going on for sure. I suppose that on issue #2 we’ll know if she killed or not a girl 😉 You should reat it. It’s rad. And the artwork rocks.

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Snotgirl seems pretty cute!

    I read a preview of Kim&Kim and I’m not sure if I’m going to get into the series or not.

    • I’ll keep up with Snotgirl, but not with Kim&Kim… there’s something not convincing me there.

  • Snotgirl seems pretty cute! I think I might wanna check it out!

    • Haha! Yeah! It’s fun so far! But I want to know the mystery! Won’t spoil the comic here, otherwise it won’t be fun!