Loki Year 2016: The binding of Fenrir

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Loki Year 2016 looks promising. Today we’re going to explore the binding of Fenrir, one of Loki’s kids, from the point of view of Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. Last week we gave a look at Loki’s family tree. Loki had three children with his mistress Angrboda: Fenrir, Jormundgand, and Hel. A fierce puppy, a creepy snake, and a goth daughter. Odin comes into knowledge of Loki’s second family and decides to kidnap them. Yes: Odin captures the kids after the possibility that they will be there for Ragnarok. (Maybe if he hadn’t kidnap them, they wouldn’t have ended fighting Asgard…) And so, he banishes Jormungant to the depths of the oceans of Midgard, gives Hel the realm of Niflheim, the Underworld, and let’s Fenrir to stay in Asgard.

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However, the Norns, those who foresee the future, come back to Odin and warn him that it will be Fenrir who will kill me during the end of days. So, Odin tricks him into believing to be a contest of strength, and they try to bind him with chains. But the wolf breaks them all. So, Odin asks to the dwarfs to make something with magic that will bind him forever. And so, the dwarves create a piece of lace that will bind Loki’s kid. But it comes at a cost.

This myth makes you but wonder: if Odin wouldn’t have kidnapped Loki’s second family, and if he hadn’t cast them away or bind them, Ragnarok would have been different. What love can you have to someone who binds you for eternity?

Next: we’re reading all about celebrity culture from Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army Let’s get Loki!

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What we know so far:

1. Loki Year 2016: the Intro + downloadable pdf: go here.
2. THOR, the movie.
3. Who is Loki?
4. Lokabrenna, let there be light!
5. Sif’s haircut.
6. The Avengers.
7. Modern Myths, Loki is a Geek and Thor is a Jock.
8. Loki is never fitting in…
9. Freyja’s Wedding.
10. Thor: The Dark World.
11. The worse environment of all.
12. Messing around.
13. Freyja’s necklace.
14. The Creation of the World.
15. Knowledge is power.
16. Loki lips are sealed…
17 to 21. Buildings and War.
22. Thinking about Murder.
23. The treasures of the Gods.
24. The dream Wizard.
25. Weddings and Fans.
26. Loki’s cute children.

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