Loki Year 2016: Loki’s cute children

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Loki Year 2016 is here again. We’re reading all about Loki’s family from Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Loki’s children are scary-cute. However, they all have their appeal. Although Loki married Sygin, he also mated other women, like Angrboda. And, if you’ve read Norse Mythology, you know that he shapeshifted and mated a very handsome horse. Loki is a fascinating Norse God, and as such, he had to have very flashy and entertaining children.

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Loki mated a horse, and he had Sleipnir as a child, the eight-legged horse that he gave as present to his brother Odin. Now, remember that he was the one having the child! [If you wonder why Tom Hiddleston ended up signing horse magazines, now you know exactly why. Blame Mythology!]

Loki had an affair with Angrboda. Well, more than an affair it was several wild nights of non-stop sex shapeshifting in whatever they could. No wonder their children were Fenrir, a spooky wolf with attitude; Jormungand, the world’s snake who would cause earthquakes every time it decided to move; and Hel, a cute girl with half of her body as a skeleton. No wonder, Odin gave her Hel as a realm to reign and get rid of her.

norse gods, loki, loki's family, loki's children, loki year, loki's army, depepi, depepi.com

As with all myths, Gods tend to have very colorful and flashy families. However, Loki is one of those who are capable of making you laugh when taking a look at his children. To have snakes, horses, wolves and half corpse children, you need to be very special!

Next: we’re reading all about the binding of Fenrir from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. Let’s get Loki!

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What we know so far:

1. Loki Year 2016: the Intro + downloadable pdf: go here.
2. THOR, the movie.
3. Who is Loki?
4. Lokabrenna, let there be light!
5. Sif’s haircut.
6. The Avengers.
7. Modern Myths, Loki is a Geek and Thor is a Jock.
8. Loki is never fitting in…
9. Freyja’s Wedding.
10. Thor: The Dark World.
11. The worse environment of all.
12. Messing around.
13. Freyja’s necklace.
14. The Creation of the World.
15. Knowledge is power.
16. Loki lips are sealed…
17 to 21. Buildings and War.
22. Thinking about Murder.
23. The treasures of the Gods.
24. The dream Wizard.
25. Weddings and Fans.

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  • Haha! Eesh, Norse mythology is way too cool. A horse? What a creeper!

    • xDDDDD Yeah, he saw this gorgeous horse and he had to shapeshift in this gorgeous mare so he could do beastie thingies with him xDDDD and so, Loki had Sleipnir lOl

  • Yeah you have to give it to him I guess? Mythology is so strange some times. 🙂

    • Haha! Yes! Mythology is super strange at times. But that’s what makes it funny 😉