Warcraft, the movie. And… Oh, Lothar!

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I saw Warcraft, the movie, last week and I must say that I swooned with Lothar. If you choose Travis Fimmel as one of the main characters for an action kicking-ass movie, rest assured that I’m going to hit the cinema sooner or later. For me, Rager, aka Lothar, was one of the great deals. However, Garona was the one who hit closer home. Despite being a hell-of-a-long movie, it felt short. Yes: two hours in the cinema watching action, magic, spooky orcs and sexy warriors didn’t feel like enough. I wanted more! (I hope there’s another movie because I need it!) While Lothar gained all my sympathies and the Orcs my repulsion and respect in same amounts, it was Garona who made me feel the chills: child of two worlds, caught in the middle of them both and trying to survive.

[SPOILER ALERT: this post contains mild spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t like even the tiniest spoilers, I recommend you to refrain reading this post. However, if you’ve seen it or are cool with mild spoilers, please be my guest!]

warcraft, warcraft the movie, depepi, depepi.com, lothar, ragnar, travis fimmel, depepi, depepi.com

Being caught up in the middle of two cultures is tough. Even if they’re pretty similar, it can make your life a little bit of a challenge even with the simplest things ever. “What side do you choose?” She is an extreme example, and yet she manages pretty well: she knows how to dive in the rivers of both cultures, the human and the Orcs. However, what if they make you choose? It might come as heartbreaking. In her particular case, siding with the Orcs is not really what she has in mind, especially if they made her a prisoner for long.

She seems bilingual, and so she can not only dive grammar-like into the waters of each culture but also can survive in both changing her manners, movements, and attitude. This happens when you are bilingual and need to deal with people from each culture. Although Catalans and other Spanish are pretty similar, there are a set of cultural differences that put us at odds with each other. So much so, that sometimes people demand from you to take a side. And it kills me. It’s not only a matter of politics, but it also goes down to the tiniest and silliest things that make you someone suspicious for both sides. Happily, I’m not in the Warcraft Universe, otherwise, I would need to choose a side in order to survive.

warcraft, warcraft the movie, depepi, depepi.com, lothar, ragnar, travis fimmel, depepi, depepi.com

You might be thinking that I liked Lothar because he is a sexy warrior who shines when riding a Gryphon. Well, maybe, but not only for that (though riding Gryphons gives you extra points). He is someone who gives it all to keep his people safe. And when I say all, it literally means all! And despite being alone and giving all that he has, he has an open heart to get gifts. Granted, circumstances look grim for him and Garona, but time will tell if this ship will sail or not.

He has a strong character and is capable of mentoring someone else despite the loss existing in his life. That’s one of the things that make him beautiful: he cares, and loss won’t make him too bitter nor close to other possibilities in his life.

warcraft, warcraft the movie, depepi, depepi.com, lothar, ragnar, travis fimmel, depepi, depepi.com

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you to go to the cinema asap. It’s good, damn good. And, as I said before, two hours of the movie weren’t enough for me. I wanted more! If you’re not convinced yet, you can also take a look at the Warcraft: The Official Movie Novelisation, and then hit the cinema. But don’t wait for too long!

Do you need any more convincing arguments to see it?

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  • We saw it this past weekend as well and really liked it. My husband is a Warcraft nut and was excited about how well they told the story. Here’s hoping they make a sequal!!

    • Ehehehe I loved the movie. Like you, I just hope they’re planning to make the sequel!!!! 😀

  • I definitely swooned over Lothar too. I didn’t expect to love the movie, but I really did. Hopefully, since it did so well overseas, there will be a sequel. I know it will be a must buy for me when it comes out on bluray at least. I’ve got to see the behind-the-scenes on all that CGI!

    • YAAAASSsS!!! I will need to buy the movie when it’s out coz I also want to check out all the CGI. I bet it was astonishing! And the Orcs! OMG! I need it now!!! (ps: I think it was thanks to China that this game movie is #1! So yeah, I suppose we’ll have a sequel… I really want the sequel!!!!)

  • I really, really want to see it!

    • I really enjoyed it! 🙂 I’ll buy the DVD when it’s out 😉 [That much I liked it!]