Film & Comic Con Brighton 2016: quiet and creative

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Film & Comic Con Brighton 2016 was quiet and quite creative. I went on Sunday, and I saw HODOR!! I was surprised to discover that stars are actually pretty close to fans. I didn’t ask any signs nor pics because I need to like a character a lot to make me queue and end up taking a pic or asking for a signed picture. Even so, he was huge! As you know, I was in London Comic-Con just last week. I usually don’t expect anything from any event, but I must admit that this was too quiet for my taste. Brighton’s Comic Con is very quiet, and it focusses more on retro and collectors. One of the cool points is that they had consoles where kids could experience how old ones got fun. Said in other words: they were enjoying retro games and having tons of fun! There were lots of artists with their art and quite a lot of shops with pops and geek fashion. Although it was too quiet for my taste, I did find some treasures!

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

Space Probe is a retro-inspired puzzle game for 3DS (and soon for iOS and Android). We met the owner of it who told us all about it. The game is super cute, and some of the perks of the campaign are to die for! I must admit that I’m super sold with this one (ha!) But before I mess things up, and I explain the whole thing in the wrong way, please take a look at the video and meet the artist who made these super cute designs!

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

We didn’t find as many Cosplayers as we did in London. To be honest, I was disappointed with the number of Cosplayers around. But, from the few of them we saw, these Kitties are the best! They were super fun and eager to play to take pictures!

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

And then we found this super funny guy. He is the author of Moon. I ended up buying two issues of the series, and he signed them on the cover. The comic is rad, and so British! The story starts at Stonehenge, Southern England back in 12aD, and from here we go to madness with the Moon fighting crime dressed in a suit! [Although I must admit that I don’t fancy that much the artwork, the story is crazy and funny! Plus, the paper quality is nice!]

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

I don’t know how well, or bad, it can be appreciated from the crappy picture above, but those kids are playing retro games, and they’re having tons of fun! It might seem unimportant, but not everyone has had an old console and played 8-bit or 16-bit retro games. They were having so much fun, that they wouldn’t go away from the consoles! This was one of the best parts of the Con; you could have access to “ancient” technology and have fun with it.

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

And these are my treasures from the con: Moon issues one and two, Sailor Jupiter Pop, Harry Potter badges, a Thor badge and information about Space Probe so I remember to buy it! I know, fewer treats than the previous con… But: my window broke because of the dang weather here in Brighton, I had a crappy week, and I already bought the comics I wanted on Saturday in the local comic book store. So, no more thingies.

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

You might ask: so, why Sailor Jupiter? She is not my favorite, but I love the colors and that she is independent. In fact, I think I have no real favorites within the Sailor Moon Universe, to be honest. The Pops are so cute!

brighton, uk, brighton comic con, depepi,, comic con

And I let you take a look at the bag I was rocking: the bag of this blog! (With two cute badges I bought at the Con.) So, yes, relatively soon you’ll know what’s up with these bags. For the time being, let’s say it’s a secret.

Have you ever expected more from a Con?

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  • B.

    I think it’s cool they had the consoles set up that people could play with! Sometimes I miss the simple old school games!

    • That was one of the best parts! Only problem: kids wouldn’t stop playing xDDDD They had so much fun they totally wanted to play more! To hell with the rest of the world xDDDDD

  • Kay

    I’ve only been to one con (Boston Comic-Con last year) and it about met my expectations. I went solely to shop, not meet any celebs or get autographs, and it was a great time! There were a ton of cosplayers too which was excellent. I love that they had the retro consoles set up! It’s so strange to think that kids nowadays don’t grow up playing 8bit or 64bit games!

    • Awww. It’s good when cons meet your expectations. Yup, the consoles display was great 🙂 It’s weird that kids don’t grow up with 8-bit~ games tho~. They’re pretty cool! Plus, all the kids playing there were having so much fun there was no use queueing xDDDDDD They wouldn’t stop! (Which was cool!)

  • Danielle Knapp

    I would totally be playing the old school games – love your new POP too 🙂

    • Aww thanks! 🙂 I love games now too, but retro games have their appeal 🙂 They hook you as much as the ones that we are used to play now 😉