Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange

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I’m so happy I took part in Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange! Although there were some issues along the way, I had so much fun. First, because we did it through our favorite group on Facebook. All lady bloggers in the group are amazing, they write super interesting posts, and it’s wonderful to be friends with many of them. Second, because this Spring Fling Gift Exchange was hosted by From Girly to Nerdy. And third, because my surprise mate was Ashlee (Her Geekery)! If the combination of stars that made this happens isn’t magical, I don’t know what it is. But, I loved every single bit of it!

I’ll start with the little accident. I got a pair of super cute Loki earrings to die for. Unfortunately, Express your Fandom (a shop on Etsy), didn’t pack them well, and they came broken and bent. One of the horns on one of the Loki’s helmet was broken, and the hooks were super bent. Fortunately, the shop owners are super friendly, and they refunded the money to Ashlee. And, what do you think she did? (You gotta love the girl!)

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She knows me well! So, quickly like the Flash, Ashlee made it happen so I could post something cool today! Just some days ago I got a fantastic JohnLock locket to extreme fangirl while posing à la Sherlock when I do one of my everyday cosplays (which is basically on a daily basis, I just happen to change fandoms.) Again, I got an envelope without info to make things more mysterious. This time, the treasure came well wrapped and intact.

Imagine my face of excitement when I was the pendant! 221B is the magical combo to know that Sherlock is knocking on your door! But the surprise came inside! JohnLock forever! [I’ve been shipping JohnLock since I started to watch Sherlock Holmes on the small screen back in the 90s with a different version of the JohnLock you have in mind. And yes, I ship them more now that we’ve got a Hobbit and a Dragon!]

geek girls x bloggers, spring gift exchange, geek bloggers, geek girl bloggers, depepi,, sherlock, johnlock

This present comes to complete the Sherlock-home I live in: a Victorian flat in Brighton that happens to host Funko Sherlock and Funko Watson. They live happily on a shelf sharing space with books and other Funkos. To get another Sherlock item for my collection while living in a Sherlock-home is priceless. I know, the Sherlock-home is totally noisy (Victorian wood is still rocking the house, and it gets funky when you step on it sometimes). Now I only need to find some decor wallpaper à la Sherlock, and it’ll be a 100% accurate!

Ashlee, thank you! I loved the presents. I loved the broken ones, and I love the pendant!

If you happen to want to take part in one of the many events that super fabulous geek girl bloggers think and share in Geek Girls x Bloggers on Facebook, I invite you to join us. It’s fun, international and sweet. Geek girl bloggers rock!

sherlock, johnlock, fanfic, subtext, geek anthropology, sherlock holmes, john watson, geek, anthropology, depepi,

Ps: I got Geekeries de Nyanla, who lives in France for the exchange. I got super happy because she’s my neighbor! You know, neighbor France! And I sent her something that I thought she would love. (It seems that I didn’t choose as I should have… Let me put a facepalm face now and bang my head against the wall.) I won’t spoil it for you. Just click on the links in this post and discover all the bloggers who took part in this amazing event!

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  • Emma

    Such a shame that the Loki earrings came through broken – they would have been perfect for you. The 211B locket is just as amazing though <3

    • IKR? It was like, oh nooo they’re broken. But, thanks to Ashlee I got to fuel another of my favorite fandoms 😉 So, no worries 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    Those Loki earrings were awesome – sad they broke – but HOLY AMAZING I need that locket In my life!

    • Yup, I was disappointed with the earrings, but after that locket…. 😀 😀 😀 JohnLock rocks 😉

  • Both of these gifts were perfect for you, Ashlee did an awesome job! 🙂

    • Yes! She is amazing! 😀 😀 😀

  • This is so awesome! I had no idea this was going on. Sounds like a lot of fun, and your gifts look amazing. 😀

    • We do swaps and gift exchanges 🙂 Just join our group and stay alert 😀 There’s a lot going on, and stuff to join 🙂 It’s fun!

      • The idea is a bit daunting, but, perhaps… What group is it exactly? How would I apply/sign up?

        • It’s here: We have many active bloggers 🙂 And pretty good ideas going on from time to time 🙂

          • Oh cool, I see you’re even an admin!

            I have to think about this one a bit. I don’t really have a Facebook account for myself as blogger. :$

          • I use my personal one as me, not as blogger, and I post stuff in there 🙂 I think most people do the same (not sure though). Then I post stuff from my blog page on Facebook 😉 Or the link directly 😀

          • I’m using a pseudonym for my blog, though. So people would probably be thinking: “who the heck is …?!”

            I’m considering making a Ravalation FB page, but then again, I dread having to keep track of yet another account…

          • I just have an account, my personal one, and a page for my blog (and another one for Loki xDDDDD ) But that’s about it. I use my personal account for groups and stuff 🙂 So far, it works for me. I’ve never thought about creating another acount 😮 I think that would be too much for me.

          • You should totally join Rav, it’s very interactive and as Pepi said most of us use our personal FB accounts (me included) to share our blog stuff etc. 🙂

          • Thanks! 😀

  • That pendant is so awesome! I remember you posting about the earrings, so unfortunate because of how cute they were 🙁

    • Yes it is!!! Yup, I was devastated 😮 However, I’m happy that Ashlee was so kind to send me something else 🙂

  • Kay

    Excellent gifts for you! Such a shame the earrings didn’t hold up, but that pendant is just lovely!

    • I’m happy with the results. It’s all ‘coz Ashlee was so kind as to send another gift. And I have no clue how she did it to make in on time!

  • Such an adventure 😮 Ashlee you rocked it girl 🙂
    And once again thank you Pepi for my gift, I loved it!

    • Yup, Ashlee was super fast fixing everything! 😀 And thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 Happy to know that you loved it!