Lessons on Geek Anthropology: When Superhero Fashion Makes You Feel Super

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Today our lessons on Geek Anthropology topic is all about what happens when Superhero fashion makes you feel super. It’s not the same walking around with a plain tee than rocking around a Spider-Gwen one. So, what happens when a fan cosplays or wears an outfit that resembles that of their loved Superhero? As you know, I’ve recently had a nervous breakdown. To have more energy and feel better, I’ve been rocking around everyday cosplay fashion items that are into my wardrobe: Captain Marvel’s sweater, Captain America Sweater, Spider-Gwen cardigan and tee, and tons of cool tees. Every time I feel down I tend to dress up into the items that resemble the most the uniforms that my favorite Superheroes wear. But why? What does the Superhero costume have that makes me feel stronger than I am? What does the Superhero costume give me that makes me keep on going despite the doctor assuring me that I should be hibernating? Does Superhero fashion give us Superpowers?

I believe it does.

Superhero outfits have the power to make us super. Once we inhabit the costume we become the Superhero, and thus, we feel uplifted, super, fantastic. You only need to put on a tee of Superman under your jacket. Then, mock him and open it as if you were going to fly high. How does it feel? Awesome! It feels awesome!

spider gwen, marvel, comics, superhero, superhero fashion, geek, geek fashion, geek anthropology, depepi, depepi.com

Let’s be clear: the costume not only communicates one’s favorite fandom, but it also allows you to feel and to act beyond your normal self. You become something else: you become super. In dressing as Spider-Gwen during the weekend, I intended to show off that I love Marvel, that I like Spider-Gwen, and that I meant to hold her values by embodying her. I felt super, very much like Spider-Gwen in the comics. I felt powerful, secure and without bounds. Just because I was in a pret-à-porter geek superhero fashion items from Welovefine, a brand that recreates Superhero costumes for everyday use.

By wearing Spider-Gwen’s costume not only I feel super, not only I might even engage in more role-playing while joking with friends, but I might also produce and promote pop-culture. With a costume as colorful as this one, I’m hard to miss when taking a walk around Brighton. And so, because I’m on the spotlight, because when I dress like Spider-Gwen, I feel super, I feel that I must also act super. While I’ve been cut off from energy days ago, the mere fact of going out to take a walk dressed as Spider-Gwen lifted me up, but it also required of me to be strong and to act accordingly. Not only I was more brithful than weeks ago, but I was also kinder and more prone to action. The little things, smiles, help that you might offer on the street that you usually ignore, cannot be ignored anymore. Because, hey, now I’m super!

spider gwen, marvel, comics, superhero, superhero fashion, geek, geek fashion, geek anthropology, depepi, depepi.com

Thus, using Superhero everyday costumes brings positive energy to the wearer of such costumes. Not only it empowers you, not only it makes you feel better, but it’s also an activating tool. Very much like an on and off button, wearing Spider-Gwen’s tee and jumper (and from today also the hoodie, since I got that item as well) switches the energy on button and the creativity one as well.

If we add to the costume, the Superhero pose as a way of energizing oneself, the recipe for success is certainly guaranteed. I decided to pose like Spider-Gwen and Wonder Woman for a while in Brighton’s beach. [Yes, your eyes aren’t lying to you! Those rocks all over the seaside are what’s supposed to be… sand! So, if you come to Brighton, you’ll see that walking on the “sand” might require from you previous training on mountain climbing. No kidding.] I’ve already talked about the positive results of making the Wonder Woman pose every day in the morning to energize you and feel more positive; however, when you combine the pose with Superhero fashion, you’re more than lifted, you’re more than super: you feel like you can accomplish whatever you set yourself to.

spider gwen, marvel, comics, superhero, superhero fashion, geek, geek fashion, geek anthropology, depepi, depepi.com

So, what to do when you face a nervous breakdown like me that knocks you off? What to do when you feel down? What to do when you feel stuck or without much creativity? Try one some Superhero fashion! Seriously! Every time I feel down, or stuck, or when I need some extra energy, or simply when I want to feel super good, I dress into my favorite Superheroes’ costumes. Everyday costumes, to be more exact. One of my favorites is Spider-Gwen. Her costume is bright, and she is like fresh air when you see her sweeping around the webs in the comics. So, when I need to uplift myself, I become Spider-Gwen. Can you imagine how empowering it might be for a teenager to act like an adult? To become powerful and in control in an age when everything is in turmoil? A little bit like a teenager would love to put on a Superhero costume and become in control and super and have fun with it while s/he still acts responsibly is precisely the mojo I seek when dressing as Spider-Gwen. Nervous breakdown, turmoil, doubts gone! Welcome to the super me in control!

We do need to feel in control, to feel super, to have a way to energize ourselves, even if it’s for just a while. Very much like the teenager Gwen leaves teen clothes in the bag and changes to her super costume and becomes Spider-Gwen, we too need to feel super on a daily basis. But how can we acomplish that? Some people might find fashion frivolous, but the power of certain costumes is undeniable. Superhero fashion can help us claim the super in all of us, and be like our paper Superheroes from time to time. Granted, we won’t fly, but we can feel better and engage in positive action with all those little things we ignore when we’re down.

So, do we become super when dressing in a Superhero costume? If so, isn’t the Superhero costume the one to make the Superhero and not the other way around?

Want to know more about the science of the Superhero pose? Watch the video. But remember: better results are achieved when you add geek fashion into the equation!

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