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So, I’ve been tagged in the epic’s 3 random questions tag by Epicfied. I found it quite interesting, so I decided to play along and answer the three questions that she has asked. Let’s begin!

1. How did you think of/get your username/website name?

It’s quite simple. The name “dePepi” is two words “de” and “Pepi,” and it just means “from Pepi.” I used to sign all my stuff like that when I was a kid. So, it made sense for me just to use it. It’s cute, and since I’ve been doing that forever, it just seemed the logical thing to do. [It’s in Spanish, Catalan, and Italian; which made it cool by the time I decided to use my signature from childhood.] I also like it because it feels more personal. Everything you read on this blog it’s like having a conversation with me. I always picture you and me taking a coffee in a cozy place and enjoying a good conversation. So, that’s it.

2. 3 Fandoms: Quick. Choose three fandoms that you’re a part of and those can be the only ones you can ever listen to, watch, read, etc. (and why?)

Only three? It’s difficult! Okay, I’ll say Marvel. I include in there comics and Superhero movies. I love Superheroes, and I love reading Marvel comics, so it makes sense to name it. My favorite character of all times is Loki; well, you already knew that. Right now, I’d chose Once Upon a Time as my second fandom. I’m following the show, and I got Hooked. It’s funny because both Marvel and OUAT are Disney related. But the reason I love OUAT more than the typical Disney is because the stories are entirely different, villains are multilayered, and women are kickass. And the third would be Star Trek. It was one of my ever first fandoms. My mother introduced me to the world of science fiction through Star Trek TNG, so that one is more like a family fandom.

And now I’m going to cheat. I also love Tolkien (LOTR + Hobbit), Harry Potter, Vikings, Star Wars, Supernatural (Salt & Burn!!!), Sherlock (from times immemorial, so that includes the books!), Battlestar Galactica, the Vampire Diaries (that includes all vampires).

3. 3 Dream Jobs (if money wasn’t an issue)

Well, I am doing them already. Anyway, I would continue writing. I like to take my time and discover hidden patterns and all about Geek Anthropology. I already wrote a book: Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. It took me two years of research, fangirling and damnation, but I finally completed the task. So, I would do what I am doing right now: taking my time to discover anything that catches my eye, write and publish books about it. [And yes: I am currently writing another book!]

Blogging. I would continue writing on this blog, but I guess I would write more. If money weren’t an issue, it would turn out to be a time issue. I would enjoy writing more and more here, and sharing all my thoughts and all about comics, fandoms, and being passionate about what I love. I guess I would get frustrated anyway because the day only has 24 hours, and I need half of it to snore.

Exploring. Exploring means discovering new things intellectually and physically. So, here I include research among books, traveling, eating new foods, exploring new cultures. A little bit of an Indiana Jones. I already do that when I have the time and the budget, so if money weren’t an issue, time would be!

So, I pretty much do what I love 😉

And now, I keep on with the tag. My tagged pretties are: Her Geekery, Kimi Who?, and From Girlie to Nerdy.

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  • Kayla Cox

    “de Pepi” would be “of Pepi” in French. (: I love the significance and meaning behind the name though!

    Oooooh, clever. “Marvel” is soooo huge and just rawr, clever. I absolutely love Once Upon a Time, but I’m a season behind (stupid Netflix ): )
    To be fair, choosing Marvel was kind of cheating just like me choosing Stephen King! haha But I love all of them that you “cheated” with, so I’ll let it pass.

    I’ve not been around long enough to know you wrote a book! Oh my God, definitely going to go check it out now!! Really tempted to get KindleUnlimited now too.

    Blogging would be such an amazing job though I can see where it could get frustrating time wise. ):

    Exploring is such an amazing answer! It’s pretty vague in one word but when explained, it is just perfection.

    I love all of your answers, even though you cheated! Thank you so much for doing this tag!

    • Woooow, love your comment!!! <3 Yeah, Marvel is huge, and it's hard to pick up one of its parts :p

      Ehehehehe, well… since my favorite character of all times is a Trickster God, you might realize now that I it's not the first time I cheat :p I bend the rules quite often to accomodate tags, Fandom Fridays and etc 😉 It's fun! Try it some time!

      • Kayla Cox

        Yayy! I love leaving long comments. <3

        That's awesome. I definitely understand how you can bend the rules and everything is okay. Feel free to bend the rules all you like, just don't skip it! I do 😉

  • I love how comic book world wise, we can quantify Marvel as a fandom. Because really, who can pick just one part of the universe? D:

    • Aahahahah trueeee! It’s impossible to choose just one tiny little piece of Marvel!!!! It’s impossibleeeeee!!!

  • I love that you get to do what you love doing! I hope I can get to that point someday, and not be a slave to my government job until I’m of retirement age:/ And I’ve always loved how personal your blog name is!!

    • Awww thank you! 😀 Yeah, I know what you mean. I think the worst part of doing a job that it’s not futfilling you is all the crap you get –; I think is to take all opportunities to do what you love if possible!

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Kay

    It’s so awesome that you are doing what you love! Definitely something that I aspire to do someday…I’m working on it! 😀

    • Yay! 😀 😀 You’ll make it happen 😉