Brighton Geeks & Bloggers: Geek Girls Versus Brunch. It was a blast!

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Brighton Geeks & Bloggers had a lovely and super nerdy Geek Girls Versus Brunch! Scruffy Little Nerd Herder, Debbie Bridge and I had a wonderful time together. Not only we chose our sides, but we also talked a lot about blogging, discovered more about each other’s passions and got to exchange comics! Okay, more about that in a minute. But before, let’s fangirl about the fact that we had loads of fun, shall we?

Emma came from Portsmouth. It took her about an hour to get to Brighton by car. [Saturday is a busy day, so expect roads to be packed!] Debbie came from Hove, which is just glued to Brighton, and as you know, I walked till I arrived at the meeting point. I happen to live at the top of a killing hill. When you walk downhill, it’s all peaches and cream. When you come back home, you have to climb it! Most of the time I refuse to take the bus. The target: get gorgeous legs, just by walking down and up the killing hill from hell.

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So, we met at Iydea, as famous and super delicious vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. It’s a cool place to hang and get super healthy and yummy food. The problem is if you try to meet at 1 pm on a Saturday you’ll end up sharing the table (or you might have no table at all). In Japan, crowded places like this one are the general rule, so it wasn’t really that hard to take a seat for us. In fact, we got a nice table. Emma arrived a little bit late, so she found Debbie and me talking.

We played some games with Story Cubes. The first one to find the squid would choose the first prize. I brought along some traditional Japanese sweets to be taken with hot green tea; I also brought pins to choose our favorite sides, a Star Wars candy cane and a Baymax keychain. First, we played to find the squid; then we had to locate the mushroom.

Emma brought a nice Supernatural necklace she made. Yes! She made it!! Salt and burn! [With real salt!!] And, because we’re engaged in a comic book exchange along with other blogs, we swapped comics. Emma loves DC, and I love Marvel; so we decided to exchange comics that we love and introduce to each other badass characters. So, I got Batwoman: Hydrology Volume 1, by J.H. Williams III, and W.Haden Balckman from Emma. After the games, we would go to Dave’s Comics and I would buy Ms. Marvel: No Normal Volume 1, by Adrian Alphona , G. Willow Wilson, and Jacob Wyatt.

geek girls bloggers, versus, dc, marvel, comics, superheroes, geek girls, bloggers, depepi,

So, what did we do at Dave’s Comics? I bought a comic for Emma, and we basically spent our moneys there! It might be a small shop, but it’s packed with all types of wonderful treasures: comics, figurines, Funkos, keychains, games, etc. It has two floors. You find comics in both floors, but on the second you find also the older issues that you might have skept for some reason, or volumes that you might be interested in reading. [They also have a collection of pink Mopeez Batmans around. I don’t like Batman, but that pink Mopeez is too cute!]

Our next step was to look around the small shops in the area, and then we went to Presuming Ed., a super geeky coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious coffee, all types of cakes, vegan stuff and fruits. (Yes! They do have fruits!) Wifi is free, you can plug your computer, and you can enjoy it by exploring it. There is a ton of things to watch and take pics of inside it! [And yes! That includes the Loo! It’s packed with all types of comic book pages as decoration, including Judge Dread!] As you know, our blogathons and meetings are made at Presumin Ed. [In fact, it’s one of my favorite coffee shops here!]

And then, we hit the road again!

geek girls bloggers, versus, dc, marvel, comics, superheroes, geek girls, bloggers, depepi,

We went to Snoopers Attic/ Snoopers Paradise, a quircky shop with vintage items, antiques and all types of things. You can spend hours inside and find treasures! There are retro games, old figurines, and even armors! [Yes, if you want a medieval armor to guard your door or frighten the neighbor’s dog, this is the place where to find it!]

We also tried to go to this is not a butcher’s, but it was closed. It’s a shop where you can buy all types of geeky things: toys, fandom jewelry, funny stuff. Name it! If you need a present, or are looking for something geeky and fun, you will find it there! [Too bad it was closed by the time we arrived.]

geek girls bloggers, versus, dc, marvel, comics, superheroes, geek girls, bloggers, depepi,

So, all in all, it was a great day. We finally met, we got a great time talking about blogging and what to be a geek means; had fun playing games and exchanging presents, and we also introduced to each other different fandoms!

Oh yes! I didn’t say our sides! I’m Team Cap (no surprise here), and Team Wonder Woman. I have no idea if Wonder Woman has a team, but in Batman v. Superman, I’m with Wonder Woman. [Maybe after watching the movie, I’ll be able to say something else about that]. We learnt about singing and acting (thank you Debbie!), playing games, comics and fandoms!

We need to do this again!

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