Brighton Geeks & Bloggers: Geek Girls Versus Brunch

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Brighton Geeks & Bloggers is getting playful. We have a Geek Girls Versus Brunch! (Sorry guys! We’ll make something similar next time, for everyone. But this time, Scruffy Little Nerd Herder and me are organizing this. It means that Portsmouth & Brighton (& Hove, okay I won’t forget you guys!) are joining forces and meeting for a Versus Brunch! So, what’s all this about?

We’re going to meet with fellow geek girls bloggers from Portsmouth & Brighton for a themed brunch: versus. Why Versus? Because of the upcoming movies Batman versus Superman and Captain America Civil War! We’ll need to pick up a side, and geek out heavily this March 19, from 1 pm. We’re going to eat, talk, and end up at the local comic book store to treat ourselves with some geek goodness! (So, you thought we wouldn’t end up there, do you!?)

Our Geek Versus Meeting will be held in Lydea, a nice restaurant. We’ll have small surprises for those attending; we ‘ll probably talk a lot, and we might also have even a giveaway! We still have two seats available from the Brighton side (you can claim yours here before Thursday!), and it seems that Portsmouth is quite full already! So, are you up for the challenge!?

What we’re going to celebrate:

  • All things geek and blogging because they rock
  • Batman vs Superman
  • Captain America Civil War
  • We’ll pick our sides!
  • We’ll have a giveaway!
  • We’ll have a comic book exchange!! (Yup, we’re engaged in a comic book exchange, but at the moment only the organizers. If the brunchettes want to join in, they’re welcome!)
  • We’ll blog all about it! (Obviously!)

Join us! Adhere to the fun! And pick your side! If you cannot come, you can choose your side on comments. Batman or Superman? Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Marvel or DC?

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