Loki Year 2016: the worst environment of all

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And another Loki Year 2016! Today we’re going to explore Loki’s worst environment of all! It’s no other than Asgard. We’re going to examine it through the lens of Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. So, what does it mean that Asgard is the worse environment of all for Loki? Does his family have something to do with it? His friends? The climate? If we take a look at the Marvel movies, we’ll discover that all the problem comes from a deep lack of communication within Loki’s family. He doesn’t know he is adopted, and Odin’s personality makes things worse: he commands his family as he commands his army. He pretends that his sons will learn by experiencing the harsh world that surrounds them instead of talking to them as a father. And as a commander, of his armies and his family, he does not listen to his wife. And thus, he decides what to do alone. See the problem?

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The MCU has established Loki as a very sensitive young man who is troubled in living up to his Dad’s expectations. However, he does not fit the ideals of Asgardian culture: he is pale, studies magic like his mother, and is quite reserved. Even his tricks seem like something that can be a threat more than a blessing. Under such circumstances, it’s not difficult to see him as a geek. In fact, Loki is the Geek of Asgard.

Loki’s family represent the ideal of what a traditional family is: the Dad rules, he is the pater familias. He commands his family, wife and kids, as he wishes without giving many explanations as for why he is doing what he is doing, commanding what he is commanding. So, this also stands as a critique of the traditional family idea that the head of the family does whatever he wants with the rest. This lack of communication is devastating: it destroys Loki, but it also puts in confrontation both brothers. Hence, they end up hating and loving each other in the same amounts.

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The lack of communication also makes matters worse when Loki finally discovers that he is indeed adopted. He feels like an outcast and throws up a tantrum of epic proportions. And he won’t back up unless his Dad says “I’m sorry.” And we all know that’s never going to happen.

Loki challenges the traditional structures of Asgardian society just for being who he is and doing what he does. And that’s his drama: he is a geek, an intelligent and elegant guy who lives within an army-like family. Furthermore, he is the son of the Asgardians greatest enemy races: a Jotun. Being told from childhood that Jotuns were monsters, what can he think of himself?

So, what is the worst environment of all for Loki but a profound lack of communication within his family!?

Next: we’re reading lessons 7 and 8 from the Gospel of Loki. Let’s get Loki!

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