Comics THORsday: The Vision #3, Just Human

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Comics THORsday comes back with the Vision! In the Vision #3 we can see some other aspects of the Vision’s family. They just look too human as to be said that they’re just machines. In this issue we’re confronted with a profound question: are those different to us that different? Aren’t we making of different people aliens? Are we dehumanizing those who look different to us? Remember that the Visions have moved to a human neighbourhood where there are no Superheroes. They want to achieve the ordinary. However, they are extraordinary. And despite being extraordinary, they’re kind of similar to us. They fear, they commit errors, they react to threats in a human way. So, what is this issue trying to tell us?

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Just take a quick look at the political affairs of the world today, and pay particular attention to the current world emigration floods that are happening around the world. Not only families are moving for work, but some families are also running for their lives. In a world like this, the Visions are but explaining tons about our humanity or lack thereof.

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In this issue, we can see that both the Vision and his wife will do whatever it takes for their families. The only difference is that our Superhero, the Vision, does it in the right way; and his wife is hiding all the corpses under the carpet. The question here arises: when things look grim when we’re in a desperate situation, how do we answer? Will we be always heroic, or will we make mistakes along the way? The Visions, in their aim, to achieve normality, they’re showing us that they’re as human as the people who fear them. All problems are arising because of a profound misunderstanding of both sides, and because of fearing the unknown!

the vision, marvel, marvel comics, reading comics, comics thorsday, depepi,

This issue tinkers with family issues, more than any other issue till now. It’s emotional, mysterious, and it comes with a thread. How much blood can Mrs. Vision hide under the carpet? For how long can she have all the corpses hidden away from his husband? For how long can she really protect her family? What’s up with all the story related to the plant that the Visions have in their home? And most importantly, how human are they? Would we consider them as a real family if they were walking amongst us?

the vision, marvel, marvel comics, reading comics, comics thorsday, depepi,

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  • GeekyNikkiRVA

    I just love the cover of this issue. The 1950’s housewife covering the corpse with the rug. I haven’t checked out issues #1 & #2 but after reading this I might have to make a trip to my comic book store.

    • I love the cover of the Vision πŸ˜‰ When I first saw it I was surprised. This is not a “normal” comic book. It’s funny how a Superhero comic book strives for normalcy with the Vision and his family. So far, I like it a lot. It’s not the usual comic to read, but it’s good because it makes questions that are far deeper than the story might suggest. It’s just a jewel! I wonder what will happen next! And yes, the Vision’s wife is somewhat spooky πŸ˜‰

  • Wow I love the cover is in the 1950’s kind of style. I have never heard of this comic before. You know way more about them than me. I really like it!! Great explanation!

    • Thank you! I found this comic just fooling around and taking a look at the new comics coming in πŸ˜‰ I like to explore the shelves. Unusual comics usually come up my way. This one is good. So far I like it a lot. And it’s pretty unusual for being a Superhero comic book. Also, the topics it touches are super hot atm.