Brighton VegFest: Green Smoothies and Chakras

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Yesterday I went to Brighton VegFest with a friend, and I enjoyed the green smoothies and chakras in there. As you might suppose, I am still an omnivore. I stopped eating sugar, but I did not stop eating meat. So, I felt a little bit like Loki undercover creating some mischief around. The venue was nice, and there were tons of cool shops. However, most of the stands offered “healthy food” with tons of sugar in it! A smoothy post saved me because they offered smoothies made of fruits and veggies (and they were super yummy!) I also loved some places with great spiritual merchandise. Even if most of the stands were dedicated to veganism, there were some that had interesting designs and offered free massages. Overall, it was nice. But, as I discovered, it’s still challenging for you to find something to eat that has no processed sugar in it. And this was shocking to me since I expected to find other alternatives to sugar in the menu.

The venue had two floors plenty of stands of all kinds of food and vegan and spiritual merchandise. You could also find natural products like organic soaps and even ethical deodorant! Some of the stands had really nice staff that were eager to talk and engage in conversation (I love those better, obviously!)

I got a Chakra decoration stitched memory from the Chakra Project. The guy that talked to us was super nice, and he explained to us all the Chakras and how you can use water and chakras to feel better. I was drawn to some colors: orange, blue and rainbow. The funny thing is that it was exactly how I felt! Orange tinkers with creativity, blue with communication, and the rainbow is the spiritual plane. It’s funny because I work in social media, and I have to be creative to pass along the messages of the campaigns that we think of. As for the rainbow, it’s connected with intuition, and I suppose I need that for my job too. [Check the Chakra Project, they have these super cute Chakra stitched goodies. What colors are you drawn to?]

brighton, uk, great britain, vegfest, brighton vegfest, brighton vegfest 2016, depepi,, events

Damage Limitation smoothies were super colorful and yummy! I got an Alkaliser, a green smoothie made with pear, cucumber, greens, ginger, lemon and avocado. It was delicious and it made me full in no time! [Later on, I got a burrito, but I couldn’t finish it because my stomach was almost full!] It was a fresh smoothy, easy to drink and super yummy. I loved it! My friend got a Roger Rabbit, a juice made with carrot and ginger. I took some pics of Sarra. She was really cool, with a huge smile, and we had a great time at her stand.

I was surprised with Besos de Oro, a type of alcoholic drink made with spirits and horchata. Horchata is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink from Valencia, Spain. I was a little bit surprised to find a drink called “gold kisses” made from horchata and spirits. We also found super yummy Italian wine from Venezia. Bianca & Mora bring the goodness from the Lombarida and the Veneto. [The Italian guy that served us the wine was really funny! We had a nice chat in Italian and laughed a lot.]

brighton, uk, great britain, vegfest, brighton vegfest, brighton vegfest 2016, depepi,, events

I also found Japanese food! Yu & Mi brought konyaku. I tasted konyaku with some matcha and azuki beans. It was delicious! And it was nice to have a chat in Japanese with a member of their staff. The guy looked relieved while we were speaking in Japanese. It seems that he was already tired of making efforts in talking in English!

Chiaralascura had super cute tees! One of her tees was super funny: a unicorn pooping veggies! Another stand that had a super cool logo was Miss Muffin Top. I didn’t taste anything on their stand because of sugar issues, but I did appreciate their business logo. It’s a super cute muffin in neon pink! I loved it!

So, what did I get? The Chakras, a natural deodorant from Fit Pit, and an organic soap (spearmint, peppermint & tea tree scents) from Wake Up. [And I also got all the promo cards and panflet so I could remember my favorite stands!]

brighton, uk, great britain, vegfest, brighton vegfest, brighton vegfest 2016, depepi,, events

And, on my way back home I paid a visit to the local comic book store. And… Loki what I found!!! A Loki Funko Pop pin! [I’m so happy I decided to walk till the comic book store!] I know, it’s not exactly the ending you were hoping for a post about Britong VegFest, but, hey! Loki’s main color is green and golden. See? Green. So, it qualifies as a veggie. [Remember, Loki can shapeshift to whatever and whoever he wants :p ]

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  • Danielle Knapp

    Oh I love the chakra thing you got! Sadly processed sugar is everywhere, even when you expect better healthy alternatives.

    • Yay! The chakra decoration thing is awesome! And it brings so much color to what was a naked wall! LOL
      Yup πŸ™ processed sugar is everywhere πŸ™ I was shocked to find I had few options in the festival. I mean, I was expecting it to be different, to be honest.

  • Emma

    I was thinking about going to this, but didn’t have enough time πŸ™ Kind of wish i’d moved things around because it looks like it was a lot of fun. Looks like you picked up some really nice bits πŸ™‚

    • It was really nice!!! And I’m happy I went early when they oppened, ‘coz it was packed after a while. πŸ˜€ I loved the bits I got πŸ˜€ Yay!
      ps: we neet to meet soon πŸ˜‰

  • I would have loved to check this out especially as it’s almost a year since I turned veggie, I’m surprised most things had sugar in them because I read somewhere that a lot of white sugar is processed with bone char! I’m always interested to see what alternatives there are out there though I think since I turned veggie my diet has definitely been more varied and more exciting xoxo

    • You need to check all the time πŸ™ It turns out that only two stands had some sweets made with only honey or mapple syrup, BUT they had brought none with them. But, I plan to check one since it’s in Brighton πŸ˜‰ And they told me they had some in their shop. Unfortunately, many use processed sugar… –; I used to take processed brown sugar anyway, but still… it’s processed. So… If I find no place, then I will bake all my sweets at home with honey, mapple syrup and/or stevia… –; I see no other way. It was a nice event, though. I’m sure you’d enjoyed it a lot πŸ˜€ [Plus, the smoothies were super yummy!]

  • Kay

    Looks like an awesome festival! Love that little Loki pin.

    • Yes! It was really fun! And the Pin is too cute! <3 I love it!

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  • Haha i love the Loki pin. It sounds like you had an amazing time at the Veg fest! My kind of place!

    • Oh yes! I loved the fest! [Lots of yummy stuff! Thooose smoothies were soooo yummy!] And the Loki pin was the discovery of the day! I’m happy I ended up in the local comic book store πŸ˜‰