Past Crate: Loot Crate October Time was a blast!

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Another Past Crate from Loot Crate made it home some days ago. I got the Loot Cracte October Time, and it was a blast! As you know, Loot Crate has started a gift system that lets you pick up stuff from their previous boxes. Because I wanted the super cute Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, I got the box. [And, yes, it was only for that reason.] But the box was plenty with other super cool items! A Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Tee, an excusive Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard replica, an exclusive Doctor Who spork utensil, and a Time button. Needles to say that my Vulcan got the tee and the Hoverboard replica. The kitchen got the Sonic Screwdriver Spork. [My kitchen utensils are getting geekier and geekier.] I’m happy Loot Crate decided to offer past crates, otherwise we would have missed all the goodness in this box!


lootcrate, back to the future, Dr. Emmett Brown, Emmett Brown, depepi,

Dr. Emmett Brown’s super cute Funko. I already brought him to several coffee shops and took tons of pictures of him. This pop is really cute! I love that he has his specs on and he looks a little bit crazy. The pop is well finished, and he is living on my working desk along with my favorite pops.

Unfortunately, past crates are not offered regularly. So, I highly recommend you to check their homepage or to subscribe to one of their boxes so that you don’t miss anything. I am currently subscribed to their Accessory one, so I will have more unboxings coming up!

lootcrate, back to the future, Dr. Emmett Brown, Emmett Brown, depepi,

As I already mentioned, Emmett’s pop was my favorite item. However, I also loved all the other things. Besides, it’s fun to take your meals along with geeky kitchenware. I am very pleased with Loot Crate boxes so far. It’s also nice that they include a small magazine with cool articles and some geeky stuff to play with. Plus, the buttons are always nice!

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  • This box is so cool OMG that hover board and the Doc pop SO cute xoxo

    • Yup! Loot Crate has super boxes :p The Doc is a super cute pop <3 I love him so much!