Funko Friday: Show & Tell – The Cookie Monster!

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Another funny Funko Friday is here! Today we need to choose one Pop and tell all about it! So, I chose the Cookie Monster! This pop is a present I gave to the real Cookie Monster. I know, it sounds confusing, but I do live with the Cookie Monster. You might know him by his other nick, the Vulcan. When I first met my Vulcan I was shocked on the amount of cookies he could eat. In fact, he devoured entire cookie packs all by himself! I haven’t seen anyone else eating such a staggering amount of cookies in my entire life! The first present I ever gave him, was a plush of the Cookie Monster. Over the years he has got other Cookie Monster stuff from me, including this pop that lives on his hard drive.

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My Vulcan has collected some pops, most of them are presents from Yours Truly. But this one, in particular, is especial for me since it reminds me on what happened with the first Cookie Monster I ever gave him, the plush. Let’s go back in time! I meet this interesting guy who loves eating cookies. So we start joking about him being the real Cookie Monster. After a while, the interesting guy gave me a copy of the keys of his house. [Yes! He gave me a copy of the keys of his house!!!] So, what did I do? I thought about the ultimate surprise! I bought a cute Cookie Monster plus, a box of his favorite cookies, and a postcard. I went to his home before going to work, arrange a set in the living room with the Cookie Monster eating cookies (well, as if the plush would be eating them), and arrange the postcard as well. Then, I went to work, and waited for his message.

You’re going to laugh.

It seems that my Vulcan, when he entered the house, noticed that something was wrong. Instead of seeing the puppet, he checked all rooms and everything, thinking that he had been hijacked or something. Aliens? Monsters from outers space? Has finally Doctor Doom entered into his Room? When he finally noticed the Cookie Monster and the Cookies he remembered that he had given me his keys, and, therefore, the only one entering his realm, was me. Thieves don’t bring in stuff, they take it away, you know. So he phoned me after eating the cookies, and happily told me what he had done. And yes: I laughed a lot!

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So, yeah, we are both on the Dark Side. Mainly, ‘coz of cookies.

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