Loki Year 2016: Never Fitting In…

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Welcome to another chapter of Loki Year 2016! Today we’re reading lessons 4 to 6 from the Gospel of Loki. Here Loki not only tells us that he will never fit in Asgard, whatever he does; he also tells us that friendship is overrated. Spicy, sassy and dramatic, the words of Loki in these three chapters are staggering! He states:

“It wasn’t just that I was racially different, or physically less imposing, or radical in my opinions, or unfamiliar with their ways. It was simply (and I say this in all modesty) that I was a whole lot cleverer than the rest of the folk in Asgard. Clever folk aren’t popular, by and large. They arouse suspicion. They don’t fit in. They can be useful, as I proved on a number of occasions, but among the general population there’s always a sense of vague mistrust, as if the very qualities that make them indispensable also make them dangerous.”

Then, he continues:

“There were a few compensations to having corporeal Aspect. Food (jam tarts were my favourites); drink (mostly wine and mead); setting things on fire; sex (although I was still extremely confused by all the taboos surrounding this – no animals, no siblings, no men, no married women, no demons – frankly, it was amazing to me that anyone had sex at all, with so many rules against it).”

Here we can see how the very nature of Loki sets him straight to a confrontation with all the folk of Asgard. From this point onwards we already know that they will never understand him, but they also will be very wary of his ways. Loki does not understand social rules, and by just being him, he is challenging all of them! Thus, his drama isn’t only to be a clever guy, it’s also to be a foreigner who sees certain social rules as incredibly stupid. Remember: Loki brings chaos, and with chaos he brings the chance for change.

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No wonder, then, to find out that he feels that friendship is overrated. When you have friends like his, who wants any other enemies?

What do you think? Is Loki dramatizing his situation in Asgard? Or, is he right?

Next LOKIsday we’ll talk about Freya’s Wedding, from Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Join us during this Loki Year 2016! Get Loki!

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