Fandom Friday: 5 Womances I Ship (in honor of Galentine’s Day)

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Another Fandom Friday that I love! Today we’re going to list five Womances I ship in honor of Galentine’s Day. For the most part: I ship it all the way. So, I’m listing those ships that I consider being hot, funny or that spark all types of naughty thoughts. You already know some of them, so there won’t be many surprises here. And without much ado, we start!

1. Swan Queen!!! (OUAT)

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You already know that I ship Captain Swan on my top ship ranking, but Swan Queen is another favorite ship of mine. So, what’s up with the Savior and the Evil Queen? Sass, friendship and comprehension. Granted that if they had romantic quarrels, they would end up using magic for sure, but they look so cute and hot together! [And, as you know, there is this triplet where Captain Swan Queen would be explosive!] These two women are so different, and yet they complement each other well. So, they win this week’s top ranking!

2. Natasha Romanoff and Pepper Potts (Iron Man, the Avengers, Marvel)

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These two women are super hot, but their ship would be a super complicated one! They agree on stuff about Stark, but they are like fire together. Think about it: Black Widow is a badass agent, and Pepper Potts can be a nightmare when she is in a bad mood. I wonder how they romantic quarrels would end up. I bet Pepper would end up suiting up as Iron Man. (For some reason I find that hot).

3. Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter, Marvel)

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peggy carter, agent carter, angie martinelly, fandom friday, 5FF, fandom, marvel, depepi,

And talking about cuteness: Agent Carter and Angie Martinelli. These two are really cute together as well. A badass lady and a pretty blonde! Again, another ship from the Marvel Universe that comes to brighten my days! [As a Marvelite, there’s no surprise that I’m going to find most of my favorite ships in the Marvel Universe!] These two are super cute together. Even their quarrels are cute. So, if you’re searching for cuteness overload, this is it!

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4. Jessica Jones and Patricia “Trish” Walker (Jessica Jones, Marvel)

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A complicated couple: Jessica and Trish. Jessica has many issues, and Trish is the bright one trying to make days easier. They both deal with stuff in different ways, but their relationship is really thick and strong. From all the womances listed, well, from all these ships, this one is the most emotional of them all. These two are strong, damaged and share lots of legacy. Strong women make the most compelling couples!

5. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory)

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And lastly, a funny and complicated womance: Bernadette and Amy, from the Big Bang Theory! Their names are complicated and so are them! Geeky and cheesy, funny and severe, complicated and straightforward. I know that Amy has a crush on Penny, but Bernadette and Amy look too cute together!


I just realized that all these women are couples of a brunette with a blonde lady! Okay, Black Widow is a red hair, but still… There’s a blonde with a brunette. I can see a pattern there! I’m doomed xD

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