Brighton Geeks & Bloggers: First MeetUp!

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Brighton Geeks & Bloggers are meeting for the first time! This is a group for Geeks and Bloggers who love to chat, discover new things, and help each other with the difficult task of writing! As you know, sometimes being a blogger can be tough, especially when you have a writing blog! So, the aim of this meetup is to engage in sparking the fire of writing, knowing more about blogging and being better in promoting our blogs out there.

So, what are we going to do? For the first meeting, we’re going to leave it quite loose, but you can leave in comments what you’d like to do next. Or, you could take the poll and fire passions all over the world from Brighton! Are you ready for it?

So, before we start talking about what we’re going to do next, let’s talk about our first meeting, shall we? We’ll be meeting at Pressuming Coffee House (Brighton, UK). It has a cool private room to enjoy talking with friends and groups. I think that this is quite rad for the first meeting, isn’t it? [Take a look at the promo video and you’ll know what I mean.]

Our first meeting is on February 21, 2016 and we’re meeting from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Pressuming Coffee House. We have the private room. So, if you want to come, please click here and join our MeetUp. Pressuming Coffee House has a cool online menu, so if you’re addicted to coffee as I am, you’ll be fine. For those who eat sweets, there’s also a selection of cool sugary stuff.

What are we going to talk about? Well, the idea is to meet for the first time and share about our blogs, what we think about WP and Blogger, what type of geek bloggers we are, and well, anything goes this time. Then, we’ll decide on topics for the next time. And maybe a blogathon! [I love the idea of a blogathon, so I hope you say yes to this!] If you love writing and are hooked on writing a blog, this is your opportunity to find like-minded people!

So, what to do for the next time? Let me know by answering this poll 😉 You can also leave in comments any other ideas that you might have. If you’re not in Brighton you can still join us! How? Online! I’ll post here all about our meetings, and the idea is to try to make something together so that we can all connect. You’ll find on this blog all the topics we choose to talk about, pictures abour our meetings and, I hope, you’ll be able to join us on our blogathons as well!


In the meantime, let’s write something!

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