Lootcrate Level Up Accessory Box: Unboxing INVASION!

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So, I finally got my first Lootcrate Level Up Accessory Box! I’m unboxing INVASION today! I decided to go for this subscription box because I found so many blogs talking about it. Including Ashlee (Her Geekery), who got that gorgeous Pikachu hat that I love! So, after talking with her time ago, I finally decided to go for it. And nope, this is not the only crate that I got! [You’ll see more on this blog in the future.] Instead going for the standard crate, I decided to go for the accessory one. This is a little bit more risky since you might not want the item or items. It contains one or two of them! But, since I love accessories, I decided I would risk it. So, January’s topic was: INVASION!

Picture my excitement in rainbow colors because INVASION means sci-fi and retro games. Remember the Invaders game? So, I was patiently waiting for my crate when it arrived. So, I almost destroyed the envelope to get the goodies!

[SPOILERS: don’t go further this point if you’re waiting for your Accessory crate and don’t want to know the contents!]

lootcrate, level up, lootcrate level up box, fandom, geek, geeking out, depepi, depepi.com

As you already know, one of my favorite characters of all times is a certain Vulcan from the original series. This means: STAR TREK! I am a Trekker to the bone, so when I saw this pendant I was more than delighted, I was thrilled! This is a friendship pendant, or bromance pendant if you will. Or we could go to the fanfic way and state that this is a super hot ship pendant. I have been and always shall be your friend. These are the words of Mr.Spock saying goodbye to his good friend Captain Kirk. I must confess something: I always cry with this scene. I love the movie, but when we arrive at this point, I need endless tissues, because it’s so emotional and sad to see Spock say goodbye in such an elegant manner, and then die. [Fan of Mr. Spock forever!]

lootcrate, level up, lootcrate level up box, fandom, geek, geeking out, depepi, depepi.com

This pendant is so rad! It has some magnets so it sticks together, or you can have two pendants and share one piece with one of your friends (bromance whoever, or awesome hidden ship; shhh, I won’t tell anyone!) The quality is great, the finish is amazing and it’s a licensed item. It came with a signature card: Qmx Artist’s Proof Certificate certifying that the Star Trek Friendship Necklace is an official Quantum Mechanix Inc. and is taken from the first sample run. And I simply adore it!

Although I thought I would end up giving away the contents of the crate, I am sorry I’m going to keep the pendant and share one part with a wonderful Trekker friend of mine 😉

Want to try it out? Click here and join the Crate Fun!

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