Loki Year 2016: the Avengers, let’s rock it!

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Welcome to another instalment of the Loki Year 2016! Today we’re going to watch the Avengers! I’m pretty sure you already watched the movie, but this is an excellent excuse to watch it yet again and torture those at home who don’t understand your addiction to Loki and the team of Superheroes. There are some key points in the Avengers that will let us discover parts of Loki’s personality and how he thinks. Loki is very intelligent and he has plans of his own, whatever happened with the Chitauri. So, yes, our sneaky Trickster gets real and blooms in the Avengers. But, is there anything else in the movie that speaks volumes about Loki and the US?

Loki is tortured by Thanos and the Chitauri, so he makes a deal to take Earth. As we know, he makes Thanos believe that it’s Earth what he wants, when in reality he is thinking about another realm. Loki orchestrates a perfect plan that will put the Avengers in motion. Had not it been for Loki, the Avergers wouldn’t have seen the light. This is pretty clear from the movie. However, having the Avengers fighting for a common goal is not the only thing we can see: there is a broken heart at works, someone who feels more comfortable with himself, a survivor. Loki might be the Trickster villain in the movie, but there is something else that this movie is giving away.

Let’s take a look at this scene:

“If we cannot protect the Earth, we’ll avenge it” is a pretty strong statement. Now, how does the public understand this? What are their closures? The images in the movie are pretty clear: an alien army taking down towers in the center of New York. Rings a bell? The message of the ultimate american, Iron Man, is clear for those in the US: don’t worry folks, if we cannot make it, be sure there’ll be concequences. While this assures and gives calm to the US public, it sends yet another message to those belong to different countries. The message for these audiences is clear: if you mess around with them, they’ll punch your butt. These two closures are hidden in just one of the key lines of one of the main characters in the movie. But, what about Loki?

Loki is an Asgardian Prince with Jotun blood. He is pretty alien, as well as his brother Thor. Their quarrel messes up with Earth twice (remember THOR, it was a massive tantrum between these two). Loki is a complex character with daddy issues who is powerful enough to throw tantrums of mammoth proportions. Thor is has a simpler character, but he is also a walking threat. The ins and outs of an alien family are messing around with Earth’s future. And this is quite the feeling many Americans have about their government: aren’t we caught up in the middle of someone else’s tantrums? Should we do something about it? Do we have to?

The Avengers shows us a psychopathic, chaotic, spooky, delusional and sarcastic Loki. And yet, we can see his best parts as well: he is intelligent, elegant, sentimental and funny. A broken character that resonates with many and who made Superheroes shine the brightest. Because, let’s be honest, his complex and multilayered personality, his actions and his deeds is what made the Avengers the ultimate Superhero team. Without his villainy, trickery and schemes we wouldn’t have enjoyed the best parts of our Superheroes!

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Next LOKIsday we’ll take a look at a modern myth: the Geek and the Jock! Join us during this Loki Year 2016! Get Loki!

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What we know so far:

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