Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite OTP’s

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I’m in love with this Fandom Friday because I get to talk about my favorite OTP’s!! Too bad I can only choose five of them. That was the tricky part! But before I list my favorite ships of all times, I must warn you: I have this naughty brains of mine, so expect to find some interesting combinations. True, my favorite ones are canon, but that’s just a happy coincidence. You will notice that that canon OTP’s of mine usually follow a pattern (with one exception), so, after reading my list, the next time you see a similar combo in a show, it’s provable that I might be shipping it! And without much ado, let’s begin with the reindeer games!

1. Captain Swan!!!! [OUAT]

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If you follow me, there’s no surprise here: I’m Captain Swaned, and super Hooked. This piercing-eyed, smoldering pirate got me hard. As you know, this is a canon ship within the OUAT fandom. And if you look close, you’ll see a blonde with a naughty guy with black hair and dark looks. When similar combos appear, then I’m weak and I start shipping them! Captain Swan is my OTP of all times now. I love the darkness of Hook, with a pinch of light; and the light of Swan with a pinch of darkness (even if her darkness is just too small to be appreciated). Have you seen when they kiss?? Swoon! And the answer is yes: I’d join them, adopt them, be with them, whatever! OUAT needs to have a happy ending for these two! [Or I’ll get mad!]

2. Dr. Gaius Baltar and Caprica 6!!! [Battlestar Galactica]

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My second OTP of all times has a super sexy blonde Cylon and a mad scientist in it. It’s no other than Dr. Gaius Baltar and Caprica 6. I shipped these two so hard when I was watching the show. Baltar was hilarious and crazy in same amounts; and Caprica 6 was a walking sexbomb who had a very compelling soul journey. If we add their angel counterparts the combo is super complete. Again, if you notice: guy with dark hair with a pinch of darkness within, and a sexy blonde trying to be the best of herself. (Granted that there were other Sixes, but Caprica 6 is Caprica 6, if you know what I mean!) And the answer here is yes again: who wouldn’t adopt these two?

3. Lagertha and Ragnar!!! [Vikings]

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This is the exception I was talking about! Both are blond! But these are so hot together! Too bad they’re not having sexy times again, but for me these two are one of my favorite OTP’s of all times. Sexyness overload from the screen! Granted: they’re dangerous, and if they do have a bad day you end up being smashed potatoes. However, it can’t be denied that they look good together. [You need to be super fit to join these two… or you end up being smashed potatoes wether they are in good terms with you or not. Just stating the obvious here.]

4. (Don’t kill me now) FrostIron!! [The Avengers]

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And now we start spicing things up! This is obviously not sanctioned by Marvel, but I find it super sexy. FrostIron is one of my OTP’s. I ship it with and without sex. These two work like pure dynamite together! Can you imagine these two throwing a party? I bet it would be amazing! Sex must be excellent, but quarrels as a couple must have mammoth proportions as well. I see these two as fuel that fires each other. Bad and good combo at the same time. Sorry, but, I’m not sorry shipping these two!

5. (Don’t kill me again) Rey, Finn, and Poe!! [Star Wars]

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Congrats to whoever made this gif because that’s pretty much the image I have of these three! You could blame the gif for me shipping them, but I started shipping them hard since I saw them in the movie! These three work well together, and I feel that they do have lots of chemistry. With or without the sexy part, these are just fun! A triplet that is hot, powerful and funny! I’m sorry, again, I’m not sorry for shipping these three at the moment and having them as one of my favorite OTP’s. How can you resist these three!? How! [I know it will never happen on screen, but I’m with Tumblr here.]

Other super hot OTP’s of mine that I need to mention. For obvious reasons!

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Natasha and Pepper. I know that these two in real life don’t really like each other (or at least is what the press has said about the actresses). But the characters they play are hot together. This couple is funny and I think quite explosive. I don’t want to be into one of their arguments. Nope.

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JohnLock. This is another funny OTP. These two are so cute together, but also crazy. They fuel each other in unusual ways. I like to think about these two as a couple, because this version of JohnLock works as a couple. [Depending on the version of Sherlock, it doesn’t, so when I talk about JohnLock, to Cumberbatch’s dismay, it’s this one.]

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And despite being Captain Swaned to the core, I also ship these two together! This is also another OTP of mine (and in an alternate Universe these two are together, okay?) The feeling of the couple is different, not as spicy as Captain Swan, but still it works with vast amounts of sass. I couldn’t have these two out of my list!! [Side note: I don’t want to be present when they argue and start using magic all over… I could end up transformed into a frog!]

And there you go! My incomplete list of OTP’s 🙂 What about yours?

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