Comics THORsday: The Vision #2, you’re different

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Comics THORsday comes back with the Vision! In the Vision #2 we meet the Visions in times of distress. Everything around them reminds them that they are, indeed, different. As you remember from the previous issue, a villain attacked the family while the Vision was not home. Results were catastrophic: his daughter was badly injured, and Mother, in despaired got rid of the Villain. In this issue we encounter a clash between what the Visions feel and how they deal with their trauma, and how their surroundings remind them that they are so different. While the community opened their arms at the beginning, now we can see that there are prejudices deeply rooted against something they fear: the unknown Visions. What happens when they get mad? Will they come at us? What are they? Monsters? People fear them and despise them in same amounts, and we can see this in this issue.

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While the daughter is being fixed, the kid has to attend school like usual. And when he is comfronted with one of the mates who insists on talking to contact his sister, he explodes. His sister is ill; no one can’t do anything. The other kid doesn’t seem to get it, and when insisting he simply reacts (like any other kid under such preassure would). And so, the Visions end up at the Principal’s office. And that’s a conversation to take a closer look at. When you read it, please notice the tone in which the Principal talks to the parents, how he addresses the problem, and how at the end he ends up taking some alcohol in. He is afraid of them.

the vision, marvel, marvel comics, reading comics, comics thorsday, depepi,

Plus we already encounter another problem: the potential for blackmail and abuse. The mother has lied. We see that her reactions are pretty naïve in a way. Remember that Vision’s family was created not so long ago, and so, how they react might be more a reaction of being way too human. Their despair, their response, is similar to that of a human family. The Vision himself is the one who seems more aloof.

the vision, marvel, marvel comics, reading comics, comics thorsday, depepi,

So, what to expect from this issue? More questions and more moral questions that resonate with our world today. How do we see our neighbors? Or the new kid at school? Why do we fear so much foreigners? Why do we react with violence under certain situations? These, among others, are the questions that this issue asks the readers.

the vision, marvel, marvel comics, reading comics, comics thorsday, depepi,

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  • Nichole

    This one sounds pretty interesting. Love how you see more of Vision in it!

    • Yes! This comic is really odd, and that’s why it’s so interesting! Superhero comics are not like this one, this oddity among the rest makes it super, imho. Vision wants to be “normal” and have a “normal live,” but even his comic series stands out from all the others!