Loki Year 2016: Sif’s Haircut

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Welcome to another episode of the Loki Year 2016! We’re going to discover al about Sif’s haircut through the lens of Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Expect something a little bit different from this book in regard to Norse Mythology. It’s sassy and at times it’s too funny! So, if you know already a bit of Norse Mythology, you already know that Loki is one of a kind. Sif and Thor were together, but Loki decided to have a go with Sif. What happened next? That Sif made poor Loki feel bad and he revenged by chopping her golden hair off. Then, Thor found out, and he had to visit the dwarves to fix her hair by ordering a super cute golden wig. But, do things go this way in this tale?

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If you’ve seen THOR, you already know that Sif has dark hair. However she was originally a blonde goddess. So, what happened? Loki happened! Marvel comics are also based on Norse Mythology, and so, Sif ends up with dark hair. However, originally her hair is kind of restored thanks to the expertise of the dwarves, and the schemes of Loki. He does mess things up, and he does sleep with lots of Goddesses, animals and… well, you get the picture.

The funny tone of this tale, however, has everything to do with using Loki. It’s obvious that Gods in Asgard are using Loki to get entertainment of all sorts. When you read how Sif ended up having a modern haircut, you’ll get all the picture on how ruthless and heartless some of the Norse Gods can be.

Have a spicy day with Loki!

Next LOKIsday we’ll watch the Avengers!!! Join us during this Loki Year 2016! Get Loki!

loki, loki's army, loki book, geek anthropology, geek anthropology of loki's army, depepi, depepi.com

What we know so far:

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  2. THOR, the movie.
  3. Who is Loki?
  4. Lokabrenna, let there be light!

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